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Goodness me! The last part to my pregnancy journey! I cannot believe how fast this has flown especially compared to my first time with Harper! I hope you have enjoyed this series and there will be plenty more pregnancy and baby related blogs to come!


This last trimester has flown just as fast as the entire pregnancy! I have definitely found myself slowing down a lot more these last few weeks. Since I was released from hospital I was taking it easy until I felt well enough to exercise again. There were a couple of months where I found my immune system was really low and I was catching colds constantly. I took the step of going and seeing a naturopath who gave me some vitamins in what my body was lacking and since then I have felt back to my old self (well pregnant self). I am currently 36 weeks and I have gained about 10kgs which I’m super happy with! My pregnancy with Harper I gained about double so I do feel a lot more comfortable this time around apart from sciatica and having a toddler attached to my hip! No stretch marks this pregnancy so far- I am a lot smaller (bump-wise) than I was with H so I feel as though I might get lucky an avoid these again. If not who cares I will have another gorgeous person in my life! I use coconut oil on my belly each night (when I remember to!).

My mind has been quite busy lately trying to get organised for the new house, Christmas and a baby so it can all get a bit much but feeling very blessed. My anxiety is always heightened during pregnancy which I acknowledge and just go through the motions when I need to. I am very forgetful at this stage even Ryan laughs at me because I’m just shocking which how quickly I can forget things!

As I draw closer to the due date I feel like Harper knows and is acting even more clingy. H has always been a mummy’s girl but lately she wants even more cuddles and for me to hold her all the time. However she has been loving the baby dolls I bought her and I just know she is going to make such an amazing big sister. There is of course days my back aches and Harper wants more than I can give her but I am proud of both of us of how we have managed to get through this pregnancy.

Ive found my appetite has decreased the last few weeks and I have to remember to eat otherwise I do get quite lightheaded! As I did with Harper I am eating more carbs than I usually would to help keep my energy up.

A normal day of food for me looks like this:

Breakfast: My Overnight Oats

Post Gym Snack: Banana or one of my protein smoothies

Lunch: Rye Bread Sandwich or Wrap

Snack: Coconut yogurt and fruit

Dinner: Depending on the night; pasta, roast lamb, chicken and salad etc

Boho Mama Nursing Crop from The Milk Boutique (Click photo for website)

Since I’ve been well again I have been back at the gym -which feels amazing! I am obviously ALOT slower and do lighter weights or just body weight depending on the exercise. I always listen to my body when I’m training and never do anything that doesn’t feel right. Being a personal trainer myself I know what is it that I can or cannot do during pregnancy which helps! Due to my bad sciatica I am no longer allowed to do heavy leg work that isn’t stabilised or puts too much strain on my joints and back. I am training anywhere between 2-5 days a week just depending on how I’m feeling!

A perfect week of training looks like this:

Monday: HIIT

Tuesday: Boxing

Wednesday: Chest + Shoulders

Thursday: Arms and Back

Friday: HIIT

Outfit from Bae The Label/  Rockabye Grey T-shirt/  Count Your Blessings Skirt (Click photo for website)

I have still been loving BAE The Label for weekend wear and during the week I basically live in activewear as per normal. I have found some amazing maternity and nursing friendly activewear brands such as Cadenshae and The Milk Boutique which have crops, jackets and tights! I also love to wear a nice slowly maxi dress on those hotter days. Here are some of my fave maternity pieces at the moment! (Click on the photos for links to the websites). My holy grail maternity and nursing underwear is the Bonds nursing bras, singlets and crops!

Wedding Maternity Style! This dress I got from Shieke and it isn’t a maternity dress! I just got a size up! Dress is the Amore Dress in Raspberry (click photo for website)
Cadenshae Smoothie nursing crop and Classic Full length Leggings (Click photo for website)


St Frock Hayley Maxi Dress in Navy (Click photo for website)

So I am way behind on organisation and nesting! This week however (36 weeks) I finally got my butt into gear and got out Harper’s old bassinet and washed her old newborn clothes and wraps! As H is only 19 months everything of hers is still in amazing condition and hardly used. In true second child fashion I am doing everything budget friendly. Instead of buying a $700 change table drawers I got a set of $200 drawers and secured a change table on top all for under $300!

We are moving house in March so I am obviously not setting up a nursery but just getting the essentials sorted for our little girls arrival. The carseat capsule (Maxi Cosi Mico AP) has been cleaned and I also have the Bugaboo donkey seat frame extension pack on its way! When I was pregnant with H we bought the Bugaboo donkey as we wanted a pram that would be made into a double down the track and I’m so glad we did! One less thing to do!

Today I packed most of baby and my hospital bag! I noticed I packed a lot less this time around for both of us! I will be doing a hospital bag blog in the next week so keep an eye out!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog series on my pregnancy! The next one will be the birth of our baby girl!!

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