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I have a very long background that has led me to this point of having a consistent healthy lifestyle, and exercise is one of my favourite things to do. BUT it never used to be like that…

Check out my whole FITNESS JOURNEY starting back when I was unhealthy, unhappy and 25kgs heavier. I even went on to fitness modelling but it was something I struggled to find balance with. I went on to become a mum and crazily enough I’ve never been more content with my body and actually started exercising for the right reasons.

Your fitness journey doesn’t have a destination so you need to look at it for the long haul. Here you will find my fitness experiences, workouts and any motivation I can give you.

Food goes hand in hand with health and fitness.

I actually never enjoyed cooking until I got pregnant with Harper. I decided to make cooking a challenge to turn unhealthy, classic recipes into healthy delicious meals!

If you’ve been a reader for a while now you would know I went on a huge lifestyle overhaul many years ago, to become fitter and healthier. Along the way, I lost the 25kgs and realised that food doesn’t have to be the enemy. It’s all about finding healthier alternatives to your fave dishes and this is where I’ve been experimenting for the past couple of years!

From my HEALTHY MEXICAN NACHOS to my easy healthy snacks like the PEANUT BUTTER BALLS, there is tonnes of recipes your whole family will enjoy. Some of my favourite easy dinners are HEALTHY PULLED PORK and SLOW COOKED LEG OF LAMB.

I’ll be sure to update this space with meals my kids love to help sneak veggies into those picky toddlers and make our life a little easier!

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