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You know the daily occurrence, you wake up so tired and promise yourself that you will go to bed super early, next thing you know midnight rolls around and you’re up thinking about how the spatula was invented. Here are 5 steps I have implemented into my bedtime routine that have made a huge difference for me, now I’m falling asleep quicker and earlier. 

1. Switch the Blue Light off on Your Phone 

Let’s be honest, we all know you will never put your phone down a couple hours before bed. But your phone is the main culprit that is keeping you awake, Majority of phones have a “night mode” that you can set to automatically turn on once nighttime hits. This basically turns off the blue light, turning it to a warmer tone, which will stop the blue light keeping you alert and awake. I also dim the light on my phone right down, which will also reduce the strain on your eyes.

Turn on Nightmode for iPhone:

  1. Go to setting 
  2. Click Display & Brightness 
  3. Go to Night Shift 
  4. From there you can either turn it on/off or schedule it to turn on and off at certain times.

Turn on Night Mode/ Blue Light Filter on Samsung:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to Display
  3. Tap Blue Light Filter
  4. From there you can adjust how strong you would like it to filter

2. Fit in some reading or a Sleep Story podcast 

This one depends on whether you would prefer to read or listen. This helps reduce anxiousness, and also stops you from thinking about all the things that happened that day, or things you need to do tomorrow. Of course, make sure if you are reading a book it is not a genre that creates anxiousness or makes you alert. Also avoid reading any ebooks on a device, as this could keep you awake (if you have to make sure night mode is turned on). Podcasts are a great way to tune out and stop you from being on your phone, I would recommend calming podcasts like sleep stories, besides you wouldn’t be drifting off to sleep listening to true crime podcasts. 

3. Use Essential oils – Bosisto’s Native Range

Essentials oils are a huge tool millions of people utilise daily. Now I’m far from one of those people who lather themselves in oils daily but I’ve started utilising the Bosisto’s Native Oil Range. The magic duo is the Bosistos Native Sleep Oil with the Ultrasonic Diffuser;  it creates such a calming atmosphere and really helps me unwind before bed. The Native Oil Range is created with all Australian Native ingredients, vegan and not tested on any animals.

I love the Bosisto’s Ultrasonic Diffuser because its completely silent and you can set a timer, which means I don’t have to worry about turning it off. Another alternative to the diffuser is the Bosisto’s Sleep Aroma Mist or the Sleep Roll on (both perfect for travel). Some nights I like to combine the Sleep oil with the Stress oil, to help me if I’ve had a stressful day (thanks to mum life). I also spray some of the sleep mist in the girls room to help them get to sleep.  The Bosisto’s Natives range is exclusive to Chemist Warehouse

4. Avoid Napping During the Day 

If you end up having a nap during the day usually it can throw off your whole sleep cycle. So if you can it is best to avoid day napping, but if you need to rest try just laying down and reading a book. Going for a quick walk can also do wonders to help give you some more energy!

5. Stick to a consistent sleeping routine 

The best possible chance to getting decent sleep each night is sticking to a routine. Once your body clock hits a certain time each day it will start to know it’s time for sleep. Try sticking to the same bedtime every night if you can . 

I hope you all can utilise these tips and get some much needed sleep (if the kids will let us!). You can check out the other amazing Native Oils that are new to Bosisto’s here. They have blends for focus, energy and breathe as well! 

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Please don’t forget to tag me if you start implementing theses habits into your bedtime routine. 

This blog was sponsored by Bosistos but all thoughts and opinions expressed are completely my own. 

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