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Now I never thought I was a creature that depended on routine but as I get older (and thanks to children) I find myself relying more and more on daily rituals. Your daily rituals have such a huge impact on your entire day and your mindset.

Have you ever had a morning where you woke up late, forgot to eat breakfast, put your pants on the wrong way, your phone didn’t charge overnight and you got a brand spanking new pimple…usually when these things happen you tell yourself that it’s going to be a bad day.

So here are some morning routines I set in place for myself which help my productivity and keep me in a positive state of mind! These tips are super simple and easy but you will be surprised how these little changes to your morning can set you up for an awesome day! Just remember not ALL of these will work or suit everyone’s lifestyle! You can alter these to suit you!

Now I know most of you will cringe especially the mamas- heck there are many mornings I would rather wait another 15 minutes and let my daughter be the one who makes me get up (but I prefer to not have an alarm that screams at me and wears cute pjs). As a mother I find getting up before Harper is so important because there is nothing worse than waking up and rushing around to a crying baby. This automatically sends our stress levels through the roof!

If you’re not a parent getting up earlier will give you extra time to let yourself wake up instead of quickly rushing around for work! This will also give you that extra time to fit in a good morning sweat session! If this seems hard for you start off slow; each day get up 15 minutes earlier until your body gets used to waking up at that time!

Yes I sound like your mother but taking the time to make your bed will actually make you more productive for the day! Four Star Commander William McRaven claims that this is the secret for giving people a boost they need for the day. He says ‘And if by chance you have a miserable day, you will come home to a bed that is made – that you made. And a made bed gives you encouragement that tomorrow will be better.’ I also find having nice bed linen and cushions gives the entire bedroom a boost!

This ritual probably sounds very blasé to some but I promise this habit makes such a difference. Open up all the curtains in your house- even the rooms you don’t use! I only realised a few months ago that some rooms of the house weren’t getting any light in. So I started opening up all the blinds each morning and not only did it make me feel more awake it also gave me a sense of happiness to see the house so bright. Playing some happy/motivational music while you and bub have breakfast will also perk you both up! It doesn’t have to be bloody 50 Cent but any good playlist on Spotify will do!

Now as you all know this is something I’ve been doing for a couple of months since becoming pregnant again. Those crazy hormones were making me turn into a bit of a pessimist so I went out and bought some positive mantra books and I read one each morning. Sometimes it only takes a small quote to really make you view the day ahead differently.

Below are my current favourite books for my morning mantras:

It’s The Little Things by David & Heidi Cuschieri

She Wrote Her Own Story by David & Heidi Cuschieri

Now don’t act like you haven’t slacked off on your vitamins before we ALL do it. I’m not a pharmacist or a doctor and I’m not saying everyone needs to take vitamins. This applies to those who feel like they need a boost and let’s be honest most of us are unfortunately lacking in sort some of vitamin or mineral. If you haven’t had a check up on your levels for a while this is your sign! You would be surprised what a difference it will make to your overall wellbeing.  Drinking a big glass or lemon water before you eat breakfast will also get your body working and start your digestion for the day. There are so many benefits to drinking lemon water!

Prepping breakfast for the week is an essential as a busy mum with a toddler! I believe having ready-made healthy meals and snacks available will be a huge benefit for anyone! It saves so much time in the morning and you will be less likely to reach for the raisin toast. I make 7 containers of my Protein Overnight Oats and leave 2-3 in the fridge and freeze the rest! These are perfect because you just eat them right out of the container not heating or further prep needed! If you have a morning smoothie; pre-chop all your ingredients and freeze them so they are ready to be chucked into the blender! These small changes saves a lot of time!

Check out all my healthy recipes here.

Now this will depend on your routine but honestly anyone can find 20 minutes to go for a walk or do a home workout! Some people prefer to exercise later in the day and that’s fine! Personally I love training after breakfast as it sets me up for the day! This will also be more achievable if you are getting up even half an hour earlier than you usually would. Morning exercise will make a huge change in your energy levels and it will also lift your mood!

I’m completely lost without my planner! I find having everything written down helps to clear my mind and in turn makes me more productive! It also stops me from forgetting the mundane tasks like bills, work, ordering the groceries or meal prepping. Try out planning each day and see what a difference it makes!

Tell the family you love them! This is the easiest ritual and many people don’t realise when they forget to tell their husband or kids that they love them because we get so busy! We can all get so caught up in the mornings running around that we forget to stop and give the ones we love a hug. Sharing a positive attitude and affection to your family will not only make you feel good but them too!

I hope these tips help start your day the right way! Please tag me in your morning rituals and let me know what changes you make!

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