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Moving to a new home is stressful! As a relocation-veteran myself (7th times the charm, right?) I can attest that practice does not make perfect, especially as a Mum. As much as I love my two gorgeous girls, when it comes to moving home having children can easily add to the pressure and it means you need a plan! Here are my tips I’ve collated over the years to help aid the process.

Declutter as you pack!

There is no point having dragging all your clutter from point A to B. So if you don’t have a lot of time declutter as you pack! Have a box to donate and a box for rubbish. You will probably be shocked how much clutter you have accumulated over the years. I also have a 30 Day Declutter Challenge which sets you small tasks each day. At the end of the day the less stuff you have the less there is to unpack!

Honesty is the best policy

It’s no secret that we don’t always tell our kids everything… sometimes it’s just easier to pretend the elderly dog went to a farm. Change can be stressful for kids which is why we try to sugar coat it, but when it comes to moving it’s not something you can hide. My advice? Do the exact opposite! Keep your kids in the loop from the get-go. This means looking for houses can be made into a family outing and kept that way through the whole process. By the time it comes to moving day your little ones are well and truly settled with the idea of moving.

Get familiar with the area

Do numerous trips, the frequency will obviously depend on how far you’re moving. Try and at least have one day trip to your new suburb or city to help your kids get an idea of the new area before moving day. This can also help to create excitement around the idea of relocating – make it an adventure!

Pack the fun way!

Packing can be tedious and boring for both you and your kids. Try and make it fun!  Depending on the personalities of your little ones, turn packing into an activity rather than a task. If they love competitive games then do a packing game and whoever packs the best, fastest or tidiest wins! If you have the newest Picasso residing in your home, then back away from your labeller and keep your bub busy by turning your boxes into a canvas and let them draw or paint labels to keep them occupied. Also don’t underestimate how much time it will take, everytime i have moved home I give myself one month to pack. I also aim to pack 2 boxes everytime the baby goes down for a nap, and also 3 before I go to bed!

Packing the least used items and areas first is always the best way to go! Then you work your way to areas you use often, then the day before moving day I pack the remaining items and camp out in the lounge room! This way you won’t be packing items you still need to use such as cutlery, but you’ll still be making progress!

Don’t go it alone

We put so much pressure on ourselves to be able to handle everything and that’s just not realistic. You want to take care of your kids in a move and not be stressing about your grandmothers’ china breaking in the backseat. Get a professional who knows what they are doing to take care of your belongings so you can focus on your family’s new adventure with all the excitement – minus the stress. Hire a Mover is a great company who are absolute professionals when it comes to tackling the stress of a move. As a bonus, they also have a packing and unpacking service if you need some extra hands to help on either side of the move.

Take a step back & enjoy!

Moving can be stressful and scary for all ages, making it hard to focus on the good things. This new home is a new beginning for you and your family and that should be exciting! Now that you have help to ensure your belongings get safely from A to B, take in the scenery and enjoy the journey and fun family adventures ahead.

This post is in collaboration with Professional Removalist Company – Hire A Mover & Influencer Management Service – #AsSeenOn.

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