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The bathroom can be one of those areas that can be absolute chaos. So many products usually shoved into a small space! The first step with organising your ensuite is to DECLUTTER, you don’t want to be trying to find storage solutions for clutter you don’t need. Pull everything you have out and go through it one by one. You can check out my 30 Day Declutter Challenge to get started on your whole home!

Once you’ve done that, sort the remaining products into categories. These can be;

  • Body: any body products such as moisturiser, deodorant etc
  • Hair: Serums, Hair Masks, hairspray etc
  • Face: skin care products 
  • Hygiene: Female hygiene products such as tampons etc
  • Contacts
  • Dental: extra toothbrushes, backup toothpaste + floss
  • Cleaning: I keep our bathroom cleaning products such as Koh and toilet bleach 
  • Bath: bubble bath, bath salts etc
  • Kids: kids body wash and shampoo 
  • Shaving: Shaving foam, razors etc
  • Grooming: brushes 
  • Hair Tools: hair straighteners and curlers 
  • Travel: to store any travel toiletry bags 

The tubs I have used to store products in are the IKEA VARIERA tubs which are the perfect sizes for our vanity! I used the smaller Variera tubs along the top shelf and the larger along the bottom. You can also check out all my IKEA Must Have Products for an Organised Home here 

Then I simply used Little Label Co to label each tub to correspond with it’s contents! This system has worked amazingly for our home and it has stayed this neat everyday! (Use STEPH10 for a discount on their labels).

When it comes to drawers, I like to keep our toothbrushes and everyday essentials in our top drawer so its in easy reach and not left on the bench. I used this IKEA organiser to store our toothpaste, toothbrushes, bobby pins, hair ties etc. Its worked a treat. I make sure I wipe it out once a month to ensure any water that has come off the toothbrushes gets cleaned up. This IKEA organiser now only comes in a darker tint colour but is still exactly the same! 

In the bottom drawer I store skincare that I don’t reach for often like facemasks, exfoliants etc. These two IKEA drawer dividers fit into the drawer perfectly! Unfortunately I think these dividers have been discontinued! But Kmart have a range of clear drawer inserts you can use! 

On the vanity itself I have hand wash and two glass canisters from Kmart that I store cotton tips and cotton pads. I have these all placed onto a concrete tray I bought from Immy and Indi!  On my side of the vanity I keep a little whitewash basket (from Freedom) with my everyday skincare in there so its in easy reach! I keep things like my eye cream, daily moisturise and serums in there. 

I hope you guys liked this blog and it has helped give you some ideas on how you could organise your ensuite or bathroom! Please tag me in all your #stephing I love seeing what you guys get up to!

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