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The laundry is one of those places in the home where we tend to store a bit of everything; cleaning products, pet food, sewing kits even craft supplies! So here is my laundry and how I have organised it!

To keep items grouped together and clearly labelled I have used the IKEA Variera tubs! These are the perfect size for laundry items and keep the cupboard looking neat and tidy! The labels are of course from Little Label Co, I used font 7 here (STEPH10 for a discount on labels).

Buy in bulk and save!

I buy a lot of basic cleaning supplies off Catch Of The Day, which comes in bulk. I love using these tubs for backup cleaning supplies, it’s super handy! 

I also keep our pet supples in our laundry cupboards. For dog food I used the Kmart dry food tub that also comes with a scoop!

Under the bench I keep more of your bulk items such as nappies, paper towel and toilet paper. This keeps it out of the way and easy accessible in the IKEA KUGGIS tubs! The KUGGIS tubs come with a lid but I don’t use them here so you can easily grab what you need out and see what you need to restock with at a glance.

Next to the nappies I keep the nappy bags, like with all organisation I keep items together with likeness. Group similar items together to have a functional area.

I like to display my laundry powders and fabric softener using this set from Little Label Co! This keeps it looking neat, and easy to reach for! On the open shelves I love having hand towels rolled up neatly in these Freedom vanity baskets. It really gives it that hotel feel.

I plan on placing laundry hampers in the cupboard underneath the sink so I am able to keep washing that needs to be done out of sight. 

How do you organise your laundry?

Don’t forget to tag me in all your #stephing progress!

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