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There is nothing worse than when you need to hunt down your kids birth certificates or mortgage documents and they are nowhere to be seen! This is how I store and organise our important family documents! 

What you’ll need:

  • Suspension File Container
  • Suspensions Files
  • Label Maker 
  • File Tabs
  • I also got the label for the container from Little Label Co (STEPH10 for a discount)

The labels I went with for our family document filing system are:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certfiicates
  • Passports
  • Medical
  • Mortage Documents
  • Car
  • Insurances
  • Christmas/ Family Photos 

You could also add things like; Bills, Accounts, Receipts, Legal Docs + Wills

I didn’t want to use a huge container for our family documents so I picked up the Crystalfile Suspension File Container from Officeworks. Click here for the link

I grabbed the Clear file tabs to attach the labels to the files at Officeworks click here 

To label the tabs I bought a DYMO label maker for $35 from Catch Of the Day. This model is also available from Kmart for about $39.

Now of course I needed to get cute files so I grabbed these Suspension files from Kmart (of course). Officeworks also have some really cute ones, the brand is ‘Otto’.

I hope this helps you all keep your family documents safe and organised! Comment below if you tried this and what other organisation you would like me to share! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #stephing #stephed, I love seeing your homes!

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