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If I had an autobiography and had to write a blurb to sum up my life it would say;

“She glided through life like a walrus on skates”

And I’m not referring to pregnant Steph gliding through the chocolate aisle at Woolworths. What I mean is I have had challenges throughout my life whether it be with fitness, family, work or day to day life but with those challenges I try my best to see the humorous side. Easier said than done when its 3am and your wondering why you’ve misplaced your nipple pads in the toaster…

An insight into motherhood: unbrushed hair, laundry to be put away and boobs out so much they become part of the furniture.

So who is Steph? Well remember that kid at school who would always get hit in the face with the ball…that was me. Yep I was never quite sure of who I really was until I became a mother (yes sounds cliche). But it really is the one time in a woman’s life you find out what kind of person you are. So far Ive found out I love sleep and eating with both hands.

So why am I starting a mummy blog? Well it came to me during the first couple of weeks that I entered collided into motherhood. I was stumbling through the kitchen at some god forsaken hour just finished feeding Little H for the two-thousand-and-umteenth time that day. I thought to myself mothers go through this life changing experience when we have a baby and then we have hours, months, years full of moments where we are faced with challenges and doubt ourselves.

We need to connect with other mothers to realise its OK if you haven’t cooked dinner in a week and its OK if you haven’t ate any bloody kale today and your still covered in breastmilk and baby poop from last week.

Im going to stop my rambling now because I want to keep this post like a first date and not give too much away to keep you interested . Along with my stories and thoughts I will be sharing the other important aspects of my life such as fitness, food, makeup and just my experiences as a new mum!

I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Until next time,

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  1. I’ve just started a blog myself and am
    due with my first babe late July. I loved reading your blog- I found it honest and funny and I will be definitely keeping up to date with your posts. Thanks for sharing ☺️

  2. Hey Steph! My name is Katie and I am a new blogger as well. After just a few lines in on your post I instantly hit follow! Your humor is refreshing and just like me! I love it. Let me know if you ever want to do a collaboration! 🙂

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