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SO here we go again! I still can’t believe here we are having another baby! I still look at Harper and think how could I possibly love another human as much as I love you…but truth is I already love this little baby just as much!

Ryan and I always said we would try for baby number 2 once Harper turned one….then she did. Holy shit that year went fast! Not sure if I even processed we were actually trying for another child. We were very blessed to fall with this baby after one try just like we did with Harper. So I still don’t know if I’ve even processed that soon I will be a mama of two!

Looks like December is going to be one expensive month for us each year!

This second pregnancy is already SO different to my first. I think when you fall with your second/third you are so preoccupied with looking after your first little bundle of joy (or should I say bundle of mess?) that you don’t have time to think about how fatigued you are! I definitely had nausea and sickness during the first trimester (as I did with H) BUT it was a lot worse along with Harper watching me throw up in the toilet most days.

I found I was coping fine until I hit around 8-10 weeks then all the fatigue, sickness and a teething toddler became a bit much. The last couple of weeks I also got a bad cold which really hit me hard. I got some help from my mum which meant I managed to get a tiny bit of rest. I always knew this pregnancy is going to have zero rest which also means its going so fast!

Soon as I fell (before the pregnancy test showed positive) I could just tell within my body that I was pregnant. I craved cake?! (I HATE cake) and I was so so dumb!

The first trimester I have gained 2-2.5kgs which is a huge improvement from H’s pregnancy where I gained around 7kgs in the first 12 weeks! I think I had a lot more fluid retention with H and I also obviously have to run after her which is helping keep the weight gain down. I have had a fair bit of ligament and stretching pains which is always lots of fun! Pregnancy headaches have also been a total bitch and hit me hard most days.

Carbs, CARBS, carbs and CARBSSS!!

So my diet this first trimester as you can guess hasn’t been on point. Basically I would have lots of vegemite and cheese sandwiches (my craving) which was the only thing that would help with my nausea. The first trimester is pretty rough and you really just got to have what you can stomach at the time. When I wasn’t nauseous I would make sure I’d have healthy snacks and meals (unless I had a craving of course).

Cravings wise I have been obsessed with orange juice and occasionally craved hot chips and vinegar, milk and cheese. With Harper I craved salt and vinegar and a BMT from Subway (the entire pregnancy haha).

My usual day of food consists of (on a non-nauseous day)

Breakfast: My Overnight Protein Oats

Post Gym Snack: Baked Quest Protein Bar + Banana

Lunch: Vegemite +Cheese toasted sandwich (obsessed with these atm)

Snack: Rice cakes with vegemite or a healthy banana muffin

Dinner: Depending on the night (healthy pizza, stirfry etc)

Links to Happy Way and Pono Probiotics listed at the end.

I get asked a lot since announcing my pregnancy if I still take protein. I now use Happy Way protein which is all natural and I got the OK from my doctor. I also take Elevit prenatal vitamin along with Pono Probiotics sprinkled in my oats. (Please note every pregnancy is different and ALWAYS get the ok from your doctor before taking any supplements etc).


[Please note every pregnancy is different and this is just my experience. I have been exercising for 7 years now and get approval from my doctor for my exercise routine. I am also a qualified PT and know what is safe for me to do and not do. If you are pregnant or postpartum ALWAYS get the OK with your doctor before doing any exercise].

Exercise is so important to me, not only for my body but for my mental health. I trained throughout my whole pregnancy with Harper and I will be doing the same this time around. I was so grateful I kept active with my first pregnancy because I found that I got my fitness levels back up in not time at all! It is of course so important to listen to your body when pregnant but as I’ve been training for 7 years now.  My body is adapted to the daily exercise so I continue as normal with adjustments to keep it safe for baby and I. Most of the workouts I do are HITT or Tabata classes. I train 5 days a week for 40-60 minutes per session.

My weekly workout schedule is:

Monday: HIIT/ Tabata (Full Body) class

Tuesday: Boxing or Arms + Back weights session

Wednesday: Legs and Booty

Thursday: Chest and Shoulders

Friday: HIIT/ Tabata (Full Body)  class

Saturday/ Sunday: REST or walks

I did notice a drop with how heavy I lift around 10 weeks and since then my fitness level has remained consistent. I always make sure I don’t overheat or overexert myself and have PLENTY of water and extra rest when needed.


We all know the first trimester can be that awkward belly stage. I get really bloating during the first 12 weeks which is always fun. As I didn’t announce the pregnancy until the end of the first 12 weeks I wore clothes that would hide my awkward tummy. Loose fitting t-shirts and cardigans were my best friend. Jeans weren’t the most comfortable choice with a bloated belly so I always go for Freddy pants (really stretchy jean leggings) which I also wore a lot through my last pregnancy.

For activewear I love to wear Cotton ON body as a lot of the tops are loose fitting. Near the end of the first trimester my usual Lorna Jane tights got too tight but my Lisa Trujillo high waisted tights are always comfortable and still fit amazingly!

Lisa Trujillo khaki tights (click photo for link)


One of the questions I get asked the most since announcing I was pregnant again is “how do you cope being pregnant and having a toddler? “.

Like anything in motherhood it has its hard times (especially through those first weeks when your so nauseous and exhausted). It is of course a challenge being pregnant with another child being so young. The one thing  I always say to myself when those days just feel impossible is “this is just a phase and it will get better”. This a mantra I have used since Harper was a newborn. As mothers we learn to adapt so well (even if you don’t feel like it) our children and circumstances are always changing we just deal with it. This is the same when you get pregnant with your second. The second trimester for me is always a lot better than the first so I always remind myself how much better I will feel soon enough. If your struggling always don’t be afraid to ask for help!


I hope you have enjoyed my first blog on this pregnancy. If you have my questions you would like me to cover in the next segment please comment!

Links to brands mentioned (this is not a sponsored post these are the brands I use and love)

Pono Probiotics 

Happy Way Protein

Freddy Pants (stretchy jeans)

Lisa Trujillo Activewear Tights 

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