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A few days prior to when Miss Willow unexpectedly entered the world I celebrated my baby shower! I originally wasn’t going to have another baby shower as I had one with Harper but my beautiful mother assured me that Willow would be most offended if I didn’t so I obliged (and of course it wasn’t low-key like I had planned).

The theme I had was similar to my first baby shower (but executed much better this time- probably because I didn’t set it all up!). I had some incredible businesses who specialise in styling come in and set the shower up and the result was incredible. Pale pinks, lavender, floral arrangements, mini desserts along with touches of rose gold was the overall vibe of the day.

Photography by Ainslee Burke Photography


I had the incredible team at The Sweet Life Sydney come to my home and style and provide the main attraction of the shower; the desserts and desert display! It was honestly the most gorgeous display I’ve ever seen!

The team provided and created everything from desserts, stands, balloon garlands and came in and set it all up for me! It made the day run so much smoother for me and it was a lot less stressful than when I had my first baby shower as the setting up and styling was done for me! I explained to the team at The Sweet Life my vision and what I liked and they did the rest but went above and beyond my expectations! Check out the amazing team at The Sweet Life!

Click Here for The Sweet Life Sydney Instagram!

Click Here for The Sweet Life Sydney  Facebook Page!

The Cake

Cake Topper from Syllabub Cakes/ Embard Designs

I am a sucker for the gorgeous rustic look of a naked cake! I had the same for Harpers baby shower and decided to go for the samesstyle this time around. I chose a classic vanilla flavour and had it decorated with flowers! Perfect! I got this gorgeous cake made at Naked Cakes by Vicki.

Cake Topper was provided by the gorgeouss ladies behind Syllabub Cakes & Embard Designs


Confetti balloons, rose gold plates and glitter!! I always get all my decorations from an incredible store I found on Instagram; Parties Made Pretty! I got confetti and glitter filled balloons with rose gold tones along with their rose gold party bags and tableware!

Check out Parties Made Pretty here 

Flower Walls

I had two amazing flower walls from the gorgeous ladies at The Golden Orb Co! I had one pale pastel wall behind the dessert display and also a pink, lavender flower wall outside for photos! These really dressed up the whole space! The ladies from The Golden Orb Co came and helped decide where they were best to go and set it all up- so easy! I couldn’t recommend these ladies enough! Check out the amazing flower walls they have at The Golden Orb Co.

Click here for The Golden Orb Co Instagram Page

Click Here for the Golden Orb Co Facebook Page


Now you can’t have a baby shower without desserts! I had the incredible mini desserts made from the team at The Sweet Life Sydney and they were honestly addictive! So delicious and dainty! They created for me;

White Chocolate Mousse

Strawberry Cheesecake

Non Traditional Pavlova

Raffaello Cheesecake

I also had personalised cookies made from the Burnt Sugar Co these were also a hit and a great idea for party favours! They created white cookies with rose gold dust and also a marble finish cookie! They also provide stunning candles which make great prizes! Check out all the amazing desserts ad cookies the Burnt Sugar Co make below;

Burnt Sugar Co Instagram Page

Burnt Sugar Co Facebook Page 


Flowers are a must-have at any parties i have! I just love to look and feel of having a few gorgeous floral arrangements placed around the home! I had 6 small vases of flowers placed around the dessert display which I sourced from local florist Flower Crowns by Lauren who also made me a beautiful babies breathe crown (which was placed in the fridge so i forgo to wear it for most of the event-devastated!).

The flowers used were hydrangeas, peonies, garden roses, misty, eucalyptus, dahlias and stock.

The Dress + Accessories

Finding a dress while your pregnant can be a tricky task! Luckily a friend sent me a photo of a dress that actually wasn’t a maternity dress but many pregnant ladies have worn it and it looked so comfortable and gorgeous! It was an off the shoulder, white laced midi dress! I ordered this a size bigger than my pre-baby size to make sure it would fit the ole bump! The dress is The Empress Dress from Fresh Soul Clothing! I paired it with rose gold earring, my usual Frankly My Dear necklace and rose gold sandals!

Link to Dress Here

Link To Necklace here 

Games & Prizes

My gorgeous girlfriend organised games for my baby shower! Games are always a fun icebreaker for guests who haven’t met before and just to have some fun! The games we played were:

Celebrity Baby Names– Guests are given a piece of paper with celebrity names and names of their babies! Guests must match up the celebrity parents to their children! (Link to printable game here)

Unscramble the Baby Words– Guests must unscramble a range of words that are baby related (Link to printable game here)

Who Knows Mum Best– Mum-to-be answers prior to the game who’s features she hopes the baby has. Guests have to guess mums answers! (Link to printable game here)

Baby on Plate – Guests must draw a picture of a baby on a paper plate.. while the plate is onto of their head! Whoever draws the best baby wins!

Measure the Belly– Guests guess how big my belly is using a piece of string which they cut. The string closest to the size of my belly wins!

You can find some amazing printable baby shower games on Etsy!

As for prizes I headed to Kmart (of course) and bought some budget beauty products such as nail polish remover pads, rose gold brushes, makeup brushes..items that all ladies need! Then of course I added some chocolates to the bags!

The party bags were also from Parties Made Pretty and added to the overall look of the shower.


I had beautiful wooden sign made up by Ashdown and Bee! It complimented to set up amazingly and postage was super fast! Ash down and Bee make all personalised signage for any occasion you can check them out here!

Click here to check out Ashdown & Bee

Click here for Ashdown & Bee Instagram Page


The shower was held in the afternoon so I decided to just provide nibbles, grazing platters, sandwiches and fruit! I just purchased a range of cheeses, crackers, grapes, dips and set it up to look nice (easy!). The grazing letters along with the rose gold party tableware seemed to do the trick! The rose gold tableware, straws were of course from Parties Made Pretty.

It was such a lovely day and turned out just amazingly! I hope this has helped given you some ideas if you are planning your own baby shower!


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