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I know how much you guys loved my IKEA must-haves guide, so here is a new instalment; the ultimate Kmart guide to an organised home! I mean whats better than Kmart and organisation? nothing (expect for 6 hours uninterrupted sleep!).

Here are the top KMART products you need in your life to have an organised home along with tonnes of #steph hacks! 

Kitchen Hacks

UNDER SINK STORAGE: Here are some great Kmart hacks to keep under the sink tidy and organised! These wooden drawers are the perfect size to fit under most sinks and also have storage for items like; dishwashing tablets, cloths, sponges and cleaning products.

The wooden drawers I currently use under my sink have unfortunately been discontinued, BUT as always Kmart has come through with the goods with some new wooden drawers which can be used!

Here is my “under the sink” storage! These Drawers are now discontinued but Kmart have some new amazing drawers you can now use!
The new Kmart wooden drawers are perfect for under the sink organisation just like @stormy.courtney  has done here! 

STORING KIDS PLATES + BOWLS: Kids plates and bowls can be so messy to store and can take up a lot of room! To store kids bowls I use the 3 Tier Corner shelf, this creates more space to stack bowls and allows you to see exactly what you have. For the kids plates I have used Kmart file holders to store them vertically. Keeps them mess free and zero piles of mess!

STORING DRINK BOTTLES: Kids bottles and drink bottles can be tricky to store. Try using wine racks and wine bottle holders to keep all your kids bottles and drink bottles.

TUPPERWARE DRAWER ORGANISATION: One of the most asked storage questions I get is how to organise tupperware. It is so easy to lose lids and containers when they are all different sizes, not to mention they can take up a lot of space. I store all my containers by tops and bottoms. I stack the bottoms of all the tupperware together and then file the lids using file holders!  

STORING REUSABLE SHOPPING BAGS: I love using these flip top containers to store all our reusable shopping bags. They are the perfect size and can store even more when you fold up the bags. These are also great for storing packaged snacks! Please note ALL my labels are from Little Label Co (use the code STEPH10 for a discount on labels). 

Great hack for storing snacks!
Click here for link

Keep all your spices and herbs together on this expandable chrome shelf. This allows you to see everything you own and it is easily accessible. An alternative to this is using a lazy susan.

Medicine Cupboard Storage 

Keep your medicine cupboard in order using the clear Kmart tubs! I decided to use clear containers for this so I can still see the contents of each one. I labelled them with Little Label Co labels and then used white contact paper on the inside of the tubs to make the label stand out (alternately you can hot glue gun an acrylic label on). To read the full blog on how I organised our medicine cupboard click here 

medicine tubs
Click here for link

Bathroom Storage 

BATHROOM AMENITIES: The glass canisters are so versatile and nice to look at! I use them in our bathroom to store cotton tips and cotton pads. This gives the bathroom a luxury hotel feel! These are also great for the pantry to store tea and coffee! For the full blog on my bathroom organisation click here 

STORAGE FOR SMALL BATHROOMS: These are amazing for those with bathrooms that don’t have much storage! Check out some of these trolleys that are great for storing your skincare, makeup, towels and anything needed in your bathroom!

Click here for link to this bamboo trolley
Click here for corner shelves. Great for storing hand towels, makeup and bathroom accesories 

Office/ Tech Storage 

The office can be a tricky area to keep organised. Here is how I keep some items in our office stored!

GIFT CARDS: I love these white drawers to store all occcasion cards. I buy them in bulk off eBay for all occasions such as birthday, christenings, christmas, fathers/mothers day, and we now don’t have to rush off to the shops to buy them. These are also great to use for invoices, mail and receipts!

Click here for link to these drawers

KIDS IMPORTANT NOTES:  I use one set of drawers for each of the kids to keep any special notes from school, invites etc

TECH: Cords and Chargers I store in the two drawer storage. I also use these for USB and memory cards.

Kmart 2 Sliding Drawers
Click here for the 2 Sliding Drawers

MANUAL/ WARRANTY STORAGE :I use these plastic magazine holders to store all our warranties and manuals. These are for any appliances, furniture in the home and car. This stops them from being misplaced and scattered throughout the house. 

Click here for link to magazine holders 

Kids Storage Hacks

KIDS CRAFTS: Use the the Kmart craft tubs to organise and sort your kids craft supplies. I love storing the kids paints, smocks and paint accesories into these. These are so versatile you can really use them for anything such as household miscellaneous items such as pins, screws and batteries too!

Click here for link to this craft tub

This is also a great storage tub for craft items such as pencils, crayons, pipe cleaners, glue sticks etc!

Click here for link to this utility storage tub 

Puzzle Storage 

One of the best Kmart hacks would be using the carry cases to store puzzles! This stops losing pieces and keeps it all together and tidy. You can also use these for paperwork and recipes!

Click here for link to the containers I use for the kids puzzles!

Toy Storage

Toy storage is important for keeping the mess at bay! I love using cubes to keep many things especially toys and books! I simply bought the kmart 8 cube shelf and turned it horizontally!

There you have a toy storage system!

Grab some cubes and for some extra organisation, you can delegate a cube for each toy category; such as dolls, blocks, games, soft toys, puzzles etc.  I bought my cubes from Target (sorry Kmart) and labelled them using the acrylic tags from Little Label Co. This way I know what toys go where! 

Shelves- Kmart 
Cubes- Target 
Acrylic Labels- Little Label Co
Cubes are great for storing toys and books! 
I turned this shelf horizintally to store the girls toys! Click here for shelves 

Fridge Organisation

I completely organised my fridge using Kmart products! You can read the full blog on how I organised my fridge here.

The top products I recommend for organising your fridge is the Lazy Susan which is perfect for storing condiments. The handled tub which are great to keep items together such as snacks and lunches! 

Lazy susan used for condiments. Click here for link 
Trays used for dairy and meat
Tub used for Kids Yogurt. Click for link

Cleaning Products Storage 

These divided tubs are great for storing cleaning cloths, mops and vacuums parts! I have used the low and wide tub for my cleaning bits and pieces! These are also great for storing things like drink bottles, teatowels etc 

Click here for link

Entryway Storage 

Keep your entryway clutter free! By utilising wall space for hard, jackets and bags you can keep items out of the way! For shoes I have used the scandi shoe rack.

Click here for Scandi Shoe Rack
Utilise wall space and place hooks up to hang items such as jackets, bags etc

I hope you guys enjoyed this Kmart Must Haves blog! I cant wait to see you all using my hacks! Make sure to tag me and happy #stephing 

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