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The fridge is the focal point of the home; it’s where you go multiple times a day (usually to check it new food has magically appeared when you’re bored).  It is how we plan our meals and food for the day, and it can be tricky to keep organised. Without a good system in place you will be surprised how much food can be wasted. We all know the scenario of food being shoved to the back and forgotten, or when you accidentally purchase items you already have. With this system we know exactly what goes where so when it comes to meal planning and everyday snacks nothing gets wasted!


All labels are font 19 from Little Label Co. Having labels has helped our home run more smoothy and also the fridge. For a discount on labels use the code STEPH10. When applying labels on fridge doors make sure the surface is clean and dry! 


The perfect solution for condiments whether they are in the pantry or the fridge is a lazy susan! This allows easy access without having to move anything around. I used the clear Kmart one for our fridge.

Lazy susan used for condiments

Tub used for Kids Yogurt—narrow-+-tall/1930312

For any chopped up fruit or veggies I like to store them in the oxo Greensavers, as they last a lot longer. You can get these on Catch of The Day sometimes, and also Peters of Kensington.  On the second shelf I keep any other veggies that I don’t have Greensavers for, and put them in glass containers from Kmart. Kids yogurts and squeeze foods I keep in a long clear tub from Kmart. I also put any premade baby bottles here. 

Meat + Dairy

I have a tub allocated for  Meats, mostly all meats for dinners that week are in there. Some nights the kids eat differently to us (because we have Hello Fresh), so I plan and portion out meat for the kids dinners into seal bags (I have just ordered some reusable seal bags to cut out plastic use). There is another tub allocated for any Dairy which for us is usually just cheese and yogurt. 

These tubs I use for Meats and Dairy are from Kmart (see below)

Click here for link to this tub 

This shelf we keep our Hello Fresh bags (I also put one on the door. Then I have one handled tub for Kids Snacks, anything the kids snacks  on during the day (besides fruit) and also treats. The next handled tub is for our lunches. So this way every morning Ryan knows exactly what to take to work, and I prep my lunches ahead of time. The handled tubs originally come with lids but I don’t use them for easier access to the food.


Door Shelves

The “Use Me First” Shelf

I decided to create a door shelf specifically for products to use first! I did this because there have been so many times where I would go and open a new kids yogurt or packet, and then realise there was one already open! This has helped reduce a lot of waste. We put any items that need to be used before others after they have been opened; like deli meats, kids yogurts, sauces etc 

The other fridge door shelves are labelled and used for:

  • Drinks 
  • Supplements (any medications or supplements like probiotics are kept here)
  • Herbs (fresh herbs used for that week are kept here)
  • Misc (this obviously changes week to week and is a shelf for whenever space is needed)

I hope you all enjoyed this fridge organisation blog! Let me know any other organisation or home blogs you’d like to see. Please tag me in all your #stephing I’d love to see! How do you organise your fridge?

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