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Harper has always been fussy with her food and drinks! It took me until she was nearly 8 months for her to even touch water! Now that summer is here I know her sensitive skin can be prone to flaring up in rashes and eczema. I did some research on goats milk before and it was until I tried out Bubs Toddler Goats Milk we were converted!

Goats Milk is much gentler on toddler’s little digestive systems not to mention the benefits it has for kids with allergies and sensitive skin! Harper has always loved her bottle so I was a bit worried how she would take the change but she took to the goats milk right away and didn’t even notice the difference!

Even I have started steering away from cow’s milk and dairy due to congestion and an upset stomach I experience after having dairy. This made me really think about how Harper is also always congested so I decided that we will both make the change.

So far Harper has had no congestion and sleeping soundly with zero tummy troubles!

There are so many benefits from switching to Goats Milk:

  • Easier to digest which means happier tummies!
  • Can reduce inflammation and reduce gastric troubles such as colic, asthma and eczema!
  • Naturally high in Vitamins: Goats milk actually contains higher amounts of Vitamin A & C than standard cow’s milk
  • Naturally high in Minerals: Goat’s milk has a high percentage of magnesium and calcium!
  • Lower cholesterol than cows milk

I am so glad we have made the switch and I know Harper is too! Do you give your children goats milk?

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