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Motherhood is an experience like no other. The ups, the downs, the kisses, the tantrums, the poo explosions and all the milestones you get to witness as a parent is incredible. It is hard to only pick one favourite moment as a mother as everyday there are so many memorable, beautiful times with Harper.

However, I must say my proudest and one of the most memorable moments for me was after I gave birth to Harper. Those first couple of days as a mother are just euphoric. I remember it so vividly; wheeling my fresh, smooshy little Harper Rose in her hospital bassinet through the hospital with the biggest grin on my face. I wouldn’t exactly say I “glided” around but rather hobbled with my legs spread apart (due to the 20 icepacks I had shoved down there…possibly too much information?).

It really is insane how the female body can go through such a physically and emotionally draining event and then you get this extra rush of endorphins and adrenaline which lasted me 3 days with only a couple of hours sleep. Needless to say, once I got home a whole new level of exhaustion caught up with me.

Those first couple of days as a mother really change how you see the world and what REALLY is important to you now. I also found a new appreciation for baby wipes- the holy grail of motherhood (besides coffee and wine of course).  Now Harper is older baby wipes are still an essential, nothing wipes away Vegemite trials like a good old Curash wipe!

I am a well prepared and organised person (well I was pre-baby anyways) so I had EVERYTHING I needed for Harper and this included my stash of Curash water wipes. As a mother, it can be daunting choosing the best brand for your baby. One that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and also one that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg (oh god I definitely sound like a mum now).

Curash has been providing mums amazing products for not only their babies bottoms but they also have shampoos, soap-free bath washes and amazing creams for conditions like eczema along with one of my fave products the Nasal spray for when bub is unwell.

The two Curash products that I mentioned I swear by are the water wipes which stood out to me right away as I wanted to keep it simple for Harpers skin and I’m happy to say we never have a problem with nappy rash! The second is the nasal spray; it comes with a long thin nozzle which you can place up bubs nose easily and just spray the salt solution. I tried the drops you can get from the chemist but this was nearly as difficult as it was giving birth.

What were your favourite motherhood moments?

What’s your fave Curash products?


This was a sponsored post however  I am genuine in my blogs/ posts and love the Curash brand.

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