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There is a fine line between an amazing nude lipstick or a lipstick that makes you look like your off jersey shore with concealer lips. I’ve always loved lipsticks but since becoming a mum a good low-key natural lip is my go-to! Mostly because I am always getting smacks to the face so I need lipsticks that don’t end up making me look like the Joker.

Below I have created my top favourite natural nude lipsticks that look good on (most) skin tones! Enjoy! Please note there is a lot of MAC lipsticks because…well its MAC!

MAC – HoneyLove

This has been a favourite for many years now! Honeylove is a light warm-beige tone with a hint of rose in a matte finish!

MAC- Velvet Teddy

This has been one of MAC’s popular lipsticks since Kylie Jenner wore it! It is a deep tone beige so it is also a foolproof shade as it adds enough colour to the lips!

MAC – Blankety

Soft pink-beige in a creamy opaque finish! If you have a deep tan you may need to be careful with this one as it could wash you out.

Rimmel- Trendsetter

A Mid-toned nude lipstick which is nearly identical to my natural lip colour. This is a fool proof nude that won’t wash you out! I absolutely love this lipstick formula; its opaque, creamy and smells so good! Not to mention this is a budget friendly option!

NYX- Exposed

In a jumbo crayon form this is an easy go-to colour you can throw on any day of the week. The longevity isn’t amazing but its a great shade that add a bit of colour to your lips.

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Please tag me if you buy any of these gorgeous lipsticks! Feel free to let me know what other makeup blogs you’d like to see!

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