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Tips, Lessons, Takeaways for Traveling Overseas


This is the last part of my four-part holiday series, thank you for joining us on this wild ride!

I’m going to finish up by talking about all the things I learned on this adventure: my top tips, lessons and takeaways.

(If you need to catch up on previous installments, head here: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3.)

1. Since becoming a mum, I’ve found myself thinking of all the negative what-ifs when it comes to travel (doesn’t help that I listen to true crime podcasts and watch docos on missing planes!). But now we’ve done it, I’ve realised I can travel with kids and we are safe. It’s been super liberating.

2. Language barriers weren’t an issue. In both countries it was so easy to converse with locals, most spoke English or good-enough English that we could manage without having Google Translate out every five minutes.

3. Australians are eligible for free SIM cards at Dubai Airport, so we didn’t have to pay extra for international roaming. When you go, be sure to ask for yours! 

4. TikTok was a huge help in researching the best places to visit.

5. We paid for things via card the majority of the time — pretty much the same as at home. The exception was Santorini taxis, which took cash. Always have a small amount of cash for things like this.

6. Kids did better on the long flights than the shorter ones. Go figure!

7. Bring a power board so you only need one adapter (thanks to a follower for that tip!).

8. Bring your own eye mask, headphones and ear plugs, as they are more comfortable than the airline-issued ones.

9. Schedule in quiet days where you can go at your own pace. Especially important if you’re travelling with young kids.

10. When you take a taxi anywhere, get the driver’s details in case you lose anything. We left a backpack with Ryan’s wallet in it in a taxi in Santorini, but because I had the driver’s WhatsApp details, I messaged him and he was  able to meet me and return it.

11. Travel can throw up unexpected situations that you can’t plan for (see above!), but I learned I am so much more capable when the sh*t hits the fan than I ever thought possible.

12. Kids don’t stop being kids even though you are giving them this once-in-a-lifetime experience. They still whinge, they still argue, they still refuse to eat stuff, they still get tired and grumpy. But that’s OK! Accept this and manage expectations before you go to help knock over any disappointment or annoyance. It’s all part of it.

13. Getting to experience things for the first time as a family was such a beautiful experience. Seeing the kids’ enjoyment and wonder was amazing, but just as special was that Ryan and I felt it too. Can’t wait for the future and more adventures to come (let’s be honest, it will be a while before another big one but I’m here for it).


* Our Dubai holiday was thanks to a partnership with Visit Dubai and KAYAK Australia.

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