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Technology; its a love-hate relationship. It can be so incredibly helpful or you simply become a slave to your devices. When you step back and think about it; technology is here to serve us, yet why are so many of us feeling like these devices control us? People have access to us 24/7… we are always logged in.

Now I am blessed to be a 90’s kid, so I grew up without having a tiny computer attached to me at all times. If we wanted to log in and chat to our friends, we were stuck in front of a box size computer which resulted in arguments with your parents because they wanted to make a phone call (yes kids that’s called dial-up internet). BUT these days people are literally covered in technology; smart watches, smart phones, iPads and it makes me wonder is it all actually healthy?

If it wasn’t for technology I wouldn’t have a job, BUT I think social media has a HUGE impact on our mental health and not to mention it can screw up being productive even on the best of days. How many times have you gone to do something important and somehow  end up mindlessly scrolling for an hour? It’s like we go into auto pilot and aren’t actually taking in what we are viewing. You see there is science behind why technology can become so addictive. It’s instant gratification and acts as a distraction from all the stuff we have to do. 

SO how do you know if you have a healthy relationship with technology?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself, and later I am going to share some tips on how to cut down on your devices- BUT still allowing you to get your tech fix each day.

  1. Is your phone this first thing you look at in the morning and the last thing you look at before bed?
  2. Do you find you are not getting things done at work/home because you’re scrolling?
  3. You find yourself comparing your life to those on the internet every single day? 
  4. You pick you phone up every 10 minutes 
  5. You feel lost/anxious if you don’t have your phone around you
  6. Now head on over to your phone setting and go into “Screentime”, it will show you how much you spend per day and per week on your phone. If you instantly feel embarrassed looks like we need to cut back!

Now if you answered yes to most of these, don’t stress because majority of the population consciously or subconsciously do the same. It’s the same as any bad habit; like biting your nails. You’ve been doing this unknowingly for years now so of course it’s ingrained into our daily habits. But it doesn’t mean we cant make some healthy changes. 

Create some healthy habits 

  • Dont charge your phone next to your bed, instead charge it out of arms reach. “But I use it for my alarm” you say? well yourself a good old fashioned alarm clock OR turn your phone volume up loud? We both know your kidding yourself with that one.
  • Set screen time alerts on your phone which will block certain apps/functions once your daily limit has been reached. 
  • Have “phones down” rules in your home. For example this could be at dinner time and then after 8:30pm.
  • If you find yourself checking your emails after work hours turn your email notifications off! Scary I know, BUT they are still accessible, except that dreaded red dot won’t  pop up every time your coworker needs something!

Now I know some of these may make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable and that’s simply because we are so accustomed to being accessible around the clock. Technology should be something we can enjoy and that makes our lives easier BUT it shouldn’t run our lives, or us. 

Track your Digital Habits!

Now I want you to download and print off this Digital Habit Tracker! This will allow you to keep track of how much time you are spending on your phone and also will help you keep accountable! 

Click on the tracker below to download! 

Let me know how you guys go with making these small changes to our everyday routine! 

Happy healthy scrolling!

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