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Weight loss is a very common goal that a lot of women have. I am sure many of you have experienced times when you are dieting hard and exercising and the clothes aren’t getting any looser and the scales just aren’t budging. There are so many reasons why you could possibly not be losing any kilos. Before I get into this I want to point out the scales are not the best way to measure FAT loss. Scales is merely your relationship with gravity it does not define you. Instead on thinking about WEIGHT loss think about FAT loss. Your weight is made up of so many different factors; organs, fluid, skeletal mass etc. Women are very prone to fluctuating weight due to hormones so do not weigh yourself everyday! Instead use how your clothes fit and measuring yourself as the main tool to figure out your progress.

So many times I see women saying they aren’t losing weight but they don’t realise certain factors are impacting on their results.  Educating yourself on fat loss can be very overwhelming these days with so many diets and “fitspos” out there. But here I have listed some very common mistakes that some may not be aware of!


You drink your calories

Juices and soft drinks are very dense in calories and because you are not actually eating it people forget they can take up a lot of your daily calorie intake. Now I am not saying don’t drink any juices etc. But if you do choose to have a juice check the ingredients! There are tonnes of drinks out there that LOOK healthy but they are full of so much sugar! As for soft drink if you feel like you want one go a sugar-free one or better yet just drink water with some fresh fruit in it! Limit the amount of juices/ soft drinks you consume and be aware of serving sizes! Try having a protein smoothie instead it is much lower in calories and sugar! (check out my protein smoothie mixes here)



 You overtrain then overeat

You will notice when you start to exercise you tend to eat more as you need to refuel your body. Training everyday for hours is not ideal! Remember its quality not quantity. Doing a really good workout for 45 minutes is perfect! If you are training for hours on end you will be starving and most likely eat your body weight in food. Balance is key!



You deprive yourself then binge

 I used to do this for YEARS! Whilst I don’t eat any packaged processed food (except for yogurt) I allow myself to eat a variety of yummy healthy recipes! I don’t live on chicken and broccoli all week then it comes to the weekend and eat 4 jars of Nutella. If you cut out whole food groups and eat the same boring plain things all the time you will eventually crack and eat everything in sight! Google is a magical thing full of healthy recipes you can try!


You eat too many packaged “healthy” snacks

I was a major victim to consuming tonnes of processed “healthy” museli bars, granola and cereals. Majority of these just like the juices are full of sugar and contain a lot of nuts (which whilst these are good fats always remember too much of anything is never good and nuts are high in calories). If you consume too many nuts and sugars, you won’t see a major loss in body fat.  Make your own museli bars so you know exactly what is in it and limit yourself to one serving a day! (Check out my recipe for healthy museli bars here)


You set unrealistic goals

One thing I feel really changed my whole healthy eating journey is that I stopped thinking short-term and started thinking of it as a lifestyle. Don’t start eating well and expect to have a 6-pack in a month. Start eating in a way that is sustainable and in turn you will eventually get the results you want! Set yourself small goals each week! After I had Harper I found it too overwhelming to tell myself to loose 16kgs! So instead I set small fitness goals and small fat loss goals and ticked them off as I went and now I am 5 months postpartum and feeling great! The problem with having high expectations and unrealistic goals is that soon as you don’t see the results you want you tend to throw in the towel.  Just keep going! Experiment with new food and recipes! Change up your workouts and seriously just enjoy the journey!

I hope this blog gave some of you some tips and opened your eyes up to common mistakes people make when trying to loose fat. If you have any other blogs you would like me to do let me know!

Please note: I am not a dietician and just sharing my general experience and knowledge. If you have a health condition, please consult your doctor.


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