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Us gals aren’t known for putting ourselves first, are we? There are so many competing priorities and responsibilities in our lives, it’s easy for our own happiness to slip to the bottom of the pile.

Sound familiar?

I have been reminded in so many ways lately the importance of taking time for myself, doing things I enjoy that have no real goal besides the fact that I like it, and practising self-kindness.

And I would love the same for you. So, beautiful, let’s take back Valentine’s Day!

We all know how awesome it’s been to reclaim V-Day as Galentine’s Day in honour of the special women in our lives, but this February 14, make it all about YOU. Let’s get some self-love happening, and hopefully it will inspire you to keep it going all year long.


Be kind to yourself: No negative self-talk allowed, guys! We’ve all done it before, and it only makes us feel worse. Instead, be kind. Challenge your inner critic with affirmations, speak kind words to your reflection, go to bed when you feel tired instead of staying up, and say NO to things you really don’t want to do when you would otherwise feel obliged to say yes.

Take yourself on a date: What do you love doing that you haven’t done for ages, or only do if someone is available to go with you? Stuff that! It’s time to treat yourself. Life’s too short to miss out. Go to the movies. Eat lunch at a nice restaurant. Get a massage. Take a scenic drive just because. Visit a gallery. Go for a walk that ends in a coffee. Swim in the ocean. Take a class. Send the family out to run some errands for a few hours and luxuriate in alone time at home.

Put the phone down: Have you prioritised, even subconsciously, scrolling over self-care? Of course you have — we all have. I’ve started to set an alarm in my phone (the irony, I know!) telling me to put it away for a few hours and instead do something I enjoy, like:

  • Paint by numbers
  • Reading fiction
  • Journalling
  • Getting out in nature (for enjoyment, not for exercise).

Get organised: Planning and organisation is an act of self-love that actually gives you time back and saves so much mental energy. It allows you to fill up your cup in other ways:

  • Stay on top of household tasks, so it doesn’t blow out and create more work and headaches down the track — plus, I find if the house is in chaos, my mind isn’t far behind!
  • Keep track of your habits and ensure your daily actions are aligned with your goals, getting you closer to the things you want to achieve and the life you want to live
  • Make your health and wellness a priority, so you feel energised and ready to tackle anything that comes your way
  • Help you to budget for special gifts for yourself.

Make the little things big things: If it all sounds too much right now, start small. Brushing your teeth? Drinking water? These are everyday actions that aren’t given much thought. But really, we do them because we are taking care of ourselves, right? Next time you do something mundane for your general wellbeing, tell yourself: “I’m doing this because I love you.” You might feel silly at first, but by framing these little things as an act of self-love, you are demonstrating to your subconscious that you care about yourself. It could get the ball rolling for lots more self-love to come!


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