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TK Maxx has just opened up in Wollongong Crown Street Mall and I was lucky enough to team up with them and go on a little shopping spree! Now I have never heard of TK Maxx previously but its safe to say it is now one of my new fave department stores!

The one thing that stood out to me the most was the prices; everything was super affordable and this includes the amazing well-known brands they stock! They have everything from clothing, kids clothes, linen, beauty and one of my faves; homewares!

I picked up some new swimwear that fits my pregnant body amazingly! Along with a cute summer hat and blue and white cute cover-up!

I also purchased Miss Harper a cute denim dress which will be just perfect for the spring/summer seasons.

As you all know we are currently building our family home so I am going a tad homewares crazy-and my gosh TK Maxx stocks everything I love! From bathroom to bedroom they have so many amazing pieces. I picked up a gorgeous pale pink vase for an amazing $12.95 ( I was totally expecting it to be $50!). I also grabbed a stack of light grey cotton face washers for the bathroom!

Once the house is built I will most definitely be going back to stock up on more amazing items and clothes for me post-baby! If you haven’t checked TK Maxx out do yourself a favour and head over there or click here to see their website!

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