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Sometimes life can just feel a bit much, like you have to remember all the things you have to do, to pay, to attend, to cook, to clean, to buy and try to keep sane whilst doing them all. 

I know for me personally keeping lists help me get through every day. They make me feel more in control and that I don’t have to keep everything in my head. The worry about forgetting things is a stress within itself. Here are some lists you can write when you’re overwhelmed and want to feel more in control. 

Why are Lists so Important?

There are so many benefits in keeping and writing daily lists. I always notice a huge difference on the days I don’t write a to do-list, I’m less motivated, I get less done and feel more stressed. Below are just some of the benefits of list writing!

  • Keeps you productive
  • Eases mental load
  • Reduces stress
  • Provides structure to your day
  • Helps keep you motivated
  • Assists in utilising your time

Tips for Writing Your Daily To-Do List

  • Make it part of your morning routine. Write your list at the start of each day, this will help to set you up mentally for the day ahead.
  • Be realistic! Be realistic about how many things you can achieve and get done each day
  • Have one daily to do-list, you don’t want to be using multiple pieces of paper 
  • Don’t stress if you don’t get it all done! Transfer tasks to tomorrows list
  • Putting your phone away to get your tasks done will help you be a lot more productive

My Daily To-Do List 

Of course, my To-Do List is from my brand of Steph Pase Planners. It has sections to keep your entire day running smoothly from important tasks, water intake, scheduled tasks and tomorrows tasks! Here is a special discount exclusive to my blog readers! Use the code ‘BLOGFAM’ at checkout for 10% off your Steph Pase Planners Order!

I hope this blog helps gives you some guidance when you start to feel overwhelmed.

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