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I always had the belief that I wasn’t a runner, in fact I thought I sucked at it. It was until I wanted a new fitness goal, I decided to finally banish this belief I had and get into running. But how do you get started?

I decided to start with the ‘Couch to 5k’ app because it was for beginners and coaches you through each run. I highly recommend using a running app to keep you accountable, and it’s a lot more motivating when someone else is telling you to run. Now I’ve recently started running without stopping and starting and it’s amazing! The feeling of being able to run and just listen to your music is like free therapy!

  1. Start with intervals

If you have never been into running before its going to feel a little different for your body, so it is best to start with intervals. What I mean by this is; running/jogging for a certain amount of time, and then walk for a set time. You will continue this pattern for the whole duration of the run. For example, you first week might look like: walk for 3 mins, run for 1 minute for a duration of 20 minutes. You can gradually increase your run time and decrease your walk time. There are so many apps that can take you through this!

Running Apps:

  • Couch to 5K
  • Nike Run
  • Keep it Cleaner (KIC)
  1. Proper shoes

One rookie mistake I made was running in the wrong shoes. I wore these Nike shoes that had zero support and It wasn’t long until my knees and ankles started to ache. This can make many people stop thinking its them, but its in fact the wrong shoes! I love my ASICS Kayanos for running and live in them (hence why they now have holes).

  1. Rest!

Just like with any workout program your body needs rest! I aim to run 3 times a week and that is plenty for me. This allows me to have a day or two in between each run and allow my body to recover. You will find your runs will feel a lot harder if you’re not having adequate rest.

  1. Don’t Get Disheartened

There will be more than a few runs that feel harder than usual, or your pace is slower than normal and that’s ok! Don’t let this dishearten you it’s all part of the journey and makes when you can shave some time off your run and increase your pace even sweeter! Stick to it and you’ll be smashing your runs every week!

I hope this blog has given you some motivation and help you understand where to start! Don’t forget to tag me on your runs @justanothrmummyblog

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