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I’m sure we are all too familiar with “those days”. You know the ones when as soon as you open your eyes in the morning everything just starts going badly.

The kids refuse any breakfast you offer them. You spill your coffee. The baby poops just before you’re about to head out the door. And of course the toddler has a meltdown because you gave her the pink cup instead of the blue one. Who knew you could ruin someone’s day over a cup?!

Just one of those painfully stressful, long, chaotic days.

I finally managed to get us all out of the house, ran some errands, took the kids to the park (which also ended up being full of toddler breakdowns and pretty sure I had to say “SHARE” about a million times. 

I finally get home and then I realise I’m yet to begin the dreaded afternoon, dinner, bedtime routine (send help). Now unfortunately I’ve always been to one that cooks in our household, Ryan works late and then usually has paperwork to do so this usually means I’m the one who has to hold down the fort. 

I managed to make the kids dinner, bath them and throw them into bed.

Sigh :thank god that’s over, oh wait now I still have to cook”.

I walk downstairs and to my absolute amazement there is Ryan preparing dinner!

I previously mentioned I’m the one that cooks in our place. Ryan has never been a great chef, the only thing that is on his menu is toast or Mac n Cheese. However, as you guys know we have been getting HelloFresh for several weeks now.

It has honestly been saving my life, I get the box delivered to my door weekly with EVERYTHING I need. The recipe cards have clear instructions and pictures, and what I honestly love the most about it is for once I don’t have to THINK. No pre planning dinners, or running out and getting groceries, no wastage and we’ve saved a lot of cash on unused groceries.

So, my beautiful husband for the first time decided to cook (hallelujah). I was actually in shock how easy he said it was and how he made the meal perfectly. In the time, it took me to bath the kids he had my dinner ready. 

So, in complete honestly I can say if you haven’t tried Hello Fresh you need it in your life!

Each week you choose your meals on the app, and then it turns up fresh to your door! As a self-confessed organisation freak I also love that the meals come in colour coordinated bags so no searching the fridge for the garlic!

The guys at HelloFresh has offered my readers $35 off their first box! Just use the code LOVESTEPH or click here to check it out… maybe you can get your hubby cooking too!

Have you used HelloFresh before?

*This blog was a collaboration with Hello Fresh but all views and opinions expressed are completely my own

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