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5 Ways to end the day on a positive note


I’m a big fan of the phrase ‘the early bird gets the worm’. A bit old school, yes, but it’s a classic for a reason – I always feel better when I get up early and complete a morning routine that starts my day in a positive way.

What about the poor, often neglected end of the day? We’re all busy, we’re all tired, we’re all out of steam by the time the kids go to bed, it’s so easy to just veg on the couch and snack and scroll and binge-watch a series.

Important to note: There’s nothing wrong with that! I do it too. If you want nothing more than a veg-out at the end of a long day, bloody go for it! The key is INTENTION. 

If you find that every night is a veg-out, regardless of whether you feel like it or not, and you feel it’s affecting your mood, your relationships, your self-esteem, and your motivation and energy levels the next day, it might be time to implement some more intentional activities to end your day.

Here are 5 ideas for ending the day on a positive note: 

1. Phone-free time:

Phones are tempting, greedy little suckers. If it’s in sight, we’ll reach for it. I find I need to intentionally put it away/switch it off for a time so I’m present with my family and other chosen activities. Try choosing a time (say, 6–8pm, or from 8.30pm onwards, whatever works for you) for everyone in the family to put their screens away and be more mindful about their evening.

2. Relaxation time:

If your day has been particularly full-on, try some calming rituals to close out the day. Dim the lights, light a candle or diffuse a calming essential oil blend, take a shower or bath, apply a face mask or take your time with your skincare, meditate and/or do some gentle stretches before bed.

3. Reflection time:

Spend 5–10 minutes with your planner or journal and reflect on the day. Tick accomplishments off your to-do list, jot down something you were grateful for, and then set up your intentions and to-do list for the following day. And I always do an end-of-the-day brain dump to get out all my thoughts and worries so my mind knows it’s OK to rest.

4. Organisation time:

You likely won’t feel like it, but don’t underestimate the power of a quick tidy at the end of the day (click here for my daily routine). Chuck on the dishwasher, wipe down benches, pick up toys and clothes off the floor … honestly, a quick house reset is so good for a calm mind.

5. Nourish time:

Feed your body and/or mind with something nourishing. If you like to have dessert or a snack after dinner, have something that won’t sit heavily in your tummy and affect your digestion before bed. A herbal tea, or personally I love Moon Mylk, some berries and yoghurt, or for something a little richer but still good for you, a chocolate mug cake (this one’s from my range, and it’s my favourite thing!). Curl up with a book, listen to some music or a podcast, and treat your mind at the same time.

I’d love to hear how you spend your evenings! Don’t forget to tag me on socials #stephpase #stephing.

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