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School Holiday Survival Guide: Easter 2023


Well, we blinked and it’s school holidays again! Is it just me or did that term go for five minutes??

If you need some inspo for getting through the next two weeks, I’ve put together this survival guide to help — both for keeping the kids entertained and saving your own sanity. We’ve got this, guys!



Camp in the backyard: Camping is a popular Easter getaway for many families, but it’s not possible for everyone. This way, you get the fun of camping without the need to leave home or use a drop toilet (I mean, unless you’re really committed to the experience!). Set up a tent, roll out the sleeping bags, play Uno and charades, light a campfire and toast some marshmallows. Plus, the coffee machine is right there in the morning!

Two-week challenge: If you aren’t going away, and especially if you’re working, you could implement a challenge to get the kids motivated and engage their imaginations. You could give them a task to complete every day (such as household chores — our chore charts are perfect for this), or print out our 14-Day Easter School Holiday Challenge.

Movies: If your budget allows and you have the time, a trip to the cinema is always fun. These films are showing these holidays (though be sure to check your local guide as this will vary, and always check the film’s content first to see if it’s right for your child — this website is awesome):

Littlies: The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Argonuts

Tweens: The above films, as well as Mavka: The Forest Song, The Red Shoes: Next Step

Teens: The above films, as well as Dungeons and Dragons: Honour Among Thieves, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Suzume (anime).

If you’re hanging at home, try creating a home cinema experience, complete with tickets and a snack bar. Ryan surprised me and the kids with this recently and it was so much fun. Watch the video here for how he did it.

Playdate swap: Organise with your kids’ friends’ parents to do a playdate swap. You have their child for one day, and they take yours another day.

Scavenger hunt: This one will keep them busy for a while (hopefully)! Here’s one I prepared earlier, or you can devise your own.

Organised fun: Libraries, galleries and shopping centres usually have activities and/or entertainment (often free); check your local for details. PCYC centres have half- and full-day activities like gymnastics, parkour, multi-sport, crafting, science and cooking (if you’re in NSW, you can use your Active and Creative Kids vouchers here too).

Free time: Don’t underestimate this! Boredom is good for kids, as much as they might try to tell us otherwise. Kick them off screens and prompt them to use their imaginations to entertain themselves.



Don’t forget your own self-care among the busyness of school holidays. Whether you’re working and the kids are in care, or you’re home smack-bang in the middle of it all, be kind to yourself and prioritise your own needs too. Exercise, journalling, sleep, nutritious food (and a little leftover Easter chocolate, of course, a girl’s gotta live!), meditation, reading and listening to podcasts, watching your shows, seeing your friends, some alone time where possible … every little bit helps to keep your mind and body in balance.

And remember, throw perfection out the window! Holidays can be chaos, and that’s OK. Use your planner to guide you through and ease the mental load, and go easy on yourself if things go downhill — mess and disorder is part of life, especially with kids. And it’s temporary.

What are your top holiday activities? Share with us by tagging me on socials! #stephpase #stephing


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