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Now  I know first hand us ladies need our beauty sleep (and coffee) to get through the day. Lately I have been trying to improve my skin and it made me think a lot about sleep. Obviously the more sleep the better but when you think about it; your face is laying on your pillowslip for hopefully 7 hours a night (if I’m lucky), 7 days a week. That is at least 49 hours per week! I am someone who always gets a breakout on my cheeks and it wouldn’t help if I am sleeping on the wrong material for 49 hours a week. I never realised how much of a difference this would make by simply changing from cotton to silk!

What are the benefits of a silk pillowcase?

“Silk is natural and hypoallergenic making it ideal for all skin types especially those suffering with allergies, acne, premature ageing and rosacea. Silk regulates it’s temperature keeping you sweat and germ free unlike cotton and satin that draw moisture away from the skin. Silk will keep you hair and skin hydrated.

Silk allows your hair and face to glide across the pillow stopping tangles and helping prevent wrinkles and the dreaded face crease.”

So I decided to do my research and find a good silk pillowslip and see how it went. I came across Silk Case ( and at first their cute designs caught my eye but they were also super affordable (in comparison to other brands) and they are ethically made.

Silk Cases are handmade from 100% Italian and vintage silks in Bali! The company is created by 3 Aussie women who were sick of bed hair and cotton flaring up their sensitive skin! So I gave it a go!

My Verdict:

LOVE! Firstly I noticed my eyelash extensions last even longer! My hair doesn’t get as knotty and ferrel and I never wake up sweaty which is nice now to weather is warming up (my husband even tries to steal my pillow now). My skin feels fresher and  I also have noticed I hardly get any breakouts anymore!! I also suffer with asthma so knowing it is better for me is great. This pillowslip dries super fast from the wash which is always a plus (especially if you only have the one). It also comes in the cutest packaging and they have lots of amazing designs! I am definitely converted!

I have the pillowslip in the design “Love Lines”

So go ahead and check them out your skin and hair will thank me later!

Instagram: @silk_case


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