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Some items we hang onto forever and even get better with age; like a good wine or even your wedding day keepsakes. However a mattress is not one of those things! Im happy to say finally after 8 years stuck with my husbands mattress which had god knows what animals living inside it and also featured a spring that stuck out the side and gave me a good scratch overtime I got up to pee every night(not ideal for a pregnant lady) we have now upgraded to a Koala Mattress!

I have never seen anything like it when our koala mattress literally turned up at our doorstep…in a box. Yes I was skeptical too until we took it out and the air sealed mattress came out and popped back up to normal size before our eyes…and my god it was heaven! Thats right you can now order your mattress online and its easily the best mattress I’ve ever laid on (not that I’ve laid on many – Im a married woman but heck its good).

It came at the perfect time as I draw closer to the third trimester of my pregnancy everything is getting a lot sorer and needs comfort. Im a no too soft and not too hard kinda gal (think Goldilocks) and this Aussie-made mattress literally is just right! Not to mention each mattress purchased they adopt a koala!

I can’t wait to have this and my new bed all set up in the new house and we can all finally catch up on some much needed sleep- if Harper allows it.

To check out this awesome Australian Mattress Brand click here for their website 

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