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Is your computer a hot mess?

Is it cluttered with uncooked recipes and random screenshots? 

Do you spend precious minutes every day searching your computer for important documents, favourite photos, and that dishwasher warranty from 2017?

If this sounds all-too-familiar, it’s time to declutter your computer, and I’m going to show you how.

Just no.

What’s so bad about a messy computer?

Your office or workspace is the physical space where you get shit done, right?  Think of your computer as the virtual version of that space. A messy computer can have a negative effect on your productivity, creativity, and stress levels just like a messy office can. By keeping your computer tidy, organised, and functional, you’ll save time, reduce overwhelm and be productive af.


Let’s start with your desktop

With an efficient filing system and a few useful tools, your desktop will be shmick in no time:

  • Use Google Drive or your preferred cloud storage platform to file documents instead of housing a million files on your desktop

This obviously helps with computer storage limits and organisation, but it also means you’ll have access to those files on your phone, too.

  • If there are certain files you must have on your desktop, implement a filing system that actually works

If you’re still struggling to find what you need, it’s probably time to rethink your file names, i.e. ‘Work’, ‘Family’, ‘Home’, etc.

  • File documents away at the end of each day or project
  • Pin your most-used apps or programs to your taskbar or start menu instead of cluttering your desktop with shortcuts
  • Organise all your docs and apps using an Organised Wallpaper- this creates sections for you!


Paperless everything

A lot of businesses use paperless systems these days. Some retailers will ask if you’d like the receipt sent via email or text instead of having a printed version. But if a paper receipt is all that’s available, use an expenses app to scan and store it digitally as soon as you get home. Not only will this make it easy to find receipts when you need them, but it’ll also save you from that awkies moment when you try to return something and the receipt is covered in wine or crayon. Or both.


Maintain it

Schedule 2-5 minutes per day to keep on top of your now-super-tidy computer. Use that time to file anything you may have dumped on your desktop in a hurry, save and name new files in a way that’ll make sense when you need to find them again, and delete anything you don’t need to keep. If you find that a file is getting too full and busy, create subfolders to help wrangle the chaos.

That’s all there is to it! Tidy computer, tidy mind, right?


Organised Wallpapers for your Desktop!

You guys have seen my laptop on Instagram stories and loved how it is so organised and aesthetically pleasing. You have been begging for me to bring these wallpapers out ever since! Well here we are! I have made a little collection for you to choose from in my fave colours of course! Click here to grab one of my desktop wallpapers! Take a before and after screenshot of your desktop and tag me on the gram for a chance to be featured @justanothermummyblog #Stephing



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