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How To Declutter FAST! 20 No-Regret items to Cull Right Now!

Decluttering your home can be super overwhelming, and I know one problem most people have is worrying about possibly regretting items they have culled later on. Well I have some good news for you- here is a list of 20 NO-REGRET items you can cull right now! These are pesky items living in your home that you can get rid of with no regrets later on!

  1. DVDs/ Videos
  2. Coat hangers not in use
  3. Broken Toys/ Missing pieces
  4. Mismatched Socks
  5. Broken crafts 
  6. Broken Stationary
  7. Dead Batteries
  8. Old Makeup/ Hair accessories
  9. Old Broken Jewellery 
  10. Expired spices
  11. Tech Accessories + Boxes
  12. Broken Appliances
  13. Clothes with Holes
  14. Old Sheets you don’t use
  15. Old Scripts/ Medications
  16. Old Receipts
  17. Old Gift Vouchers/ Menus
  18. Shoe Boxes
  19. Unused Gifts 
  20. Kids Clothes that don’t fit 

Click here to download the checklist! And please remember when discarding any items such as medications to dispose of them properly such as dropping them off at your local pharmacy to be disposed of safely!

If you would like a total home declutter check out my “30 Day Declutter Challenge”

Happy Decluttering!

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