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Christmas is just around the corner which means you’ll find mums running around the shopping centres; coffee in hand, toddler in tow and high stress levels to match the high credit card bills..BUT it doesn’t have to be this way!!

I teamed up with TK Maxx to buy Christmas gifts for the whole family all for under $200! I would usually laugh if someone said this was possible but being a TK Maxx shopper I knew this would be a piece of Christmas pudding! (Lame Mum joke I know).

Here is my easy guide for gift ideas and what I bought for the family !

Gifts for Mum

Mum’s deserve a bit of pampering every Christmas! Think makeup, skincare, fresh new PJs or even some new gym clothes!! I picked myself up a new makeup bag ($9.95), rose gold jewellery holder ($7.95)and pjs ($19.95)! Perfect!!

Gift Ideas for Mum:

  • Makeup Brush set
  • Soaps and Skincare
  • Homeware
  • Jewellery
  • Clothes
  • Lingerie
  • Pjs
  • Shoes/ Slippers

Gifts for Dad

Dad gifts are easy at TK MAXX! They have novelty games, clothes, tie sets, undies, shoes …everything ! For Ryan I picked up a new wallet ($19.95), undies ($5.95) and socks ($5.95)(yes classic dad presents).

Gift Ideas for Dads:

  • Sporting gear
  • Novelty games
  • Wallets
  • Socks & Undies
  • Clothes
  • Outdoor Gear e.g. camping, boating, fishing
  • Tie Sets
  • Movies & Games

Gifts for the Kids

There is so many good gifts you can grab the kids! TK Maxx has something for every age group!

Kids Gift Ideas

  • Clothes
  • Summer toys
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Swimmers
  • Kids Room Decor
  • Toys
  • Games

For Harper we grabbed so many toys ($49.95 worth)and some new pjs ($9.95)!

TK Maxx receives new products each week which means there is aways a variety!

Have you started your Christmas shopping?

This blog post was sponsored with TK Maxx but I am a loyal shopper here and all opinions and content is my own.

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