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Sometimes we all need a good change whether that be lifestyle, relationships or even our home! I’m so excited to be starting more home design/ interior based blogs! Now I don’t claim to be an interior design guru but I do have a passion for styling my home to make it not only look welcoming but feel amazing too! Once we are in the new house I cannot wait to do room reveals and what pieces I used! Until then I will be showing you different ways you can revamp your home!

The bedroom is a very personal space (not in THAT way you dirty buggers). It is the one area in the house you keep your personal belongings and it is also a space you spend 1/3 of your life- sleeping! I like to think of the bedroom as a retreat at the end of the day, once the kids are in bed the house is clean it is the one space you can just relax. By not having a welcoming, pleasing bedroom you can actually increase stress and you will be less likely to feel at ease and unwind. This space can often get neglected as it is a room guests normally don’t see, so some people don’t put the effort into decorating and making the bedroom flow.

Revamping your bedroom can be as cheap or as drastic as you like! Here are all the ways you can make changes to your room whether they are big or small! I have also included some of my fave interior products and ones that caught my eye!

Rearrange the layout

Photo via Adairs

You can completely change the feel of your bedroom simply by rearranging some furniture! If your bed is located along the side of the room why not try centering it and making it the main feature? Why not change where your desk, cabinets are placed? Try to think how you can make the space you have more functional and appealing.

New Bedhead or Frame!

A new bedhead can seriously update the look of the entire room. Have you been stuck with an ugly looking bed for too long but don’t have the cash for a whole new bed frame? You can pick up budget friendly bedheads and just keep the base you already have (if it works together).

Here are a few bedheads and bed frames I love in all different styles!

After a SCANDINAVIAN look? Go for a light timber or grey bedhead.

Smart Furniture Midtown Queen Headboard- $129

A more LUXURIOUS feel? Go for an oversized bedhead covered in velvet and studs.

Bras Celine King Headboard- $599

Simple ROMANTIC Feel? Go for something with curves!

Classic Double Custom Bedhead- Fantastic Furniture $199

SLEEK MODERN look? Choose a simple black or white bedhead

Amart Furniture Monroe Queen Bed- $289


Shelby Queen Bed Rose Gold- Harvey Norman

Change up the bedding

Now if you have been following me for a while now you would know I take a lot of pride in my bed! I feel like if your bed looks appealing and comfy it can make your bedroom a calming and welcoming space. Have a couple of gorgeous quilt covers and some cushions paired with a throw and your set! Here are some of my fave quilts, cushions and throws! I have put a range from budget friendly to high quality brands!

Kmart Kira Cushions- $4
Kmart Holmen Quilted Cushion- $14
Adairs Mercier + Reid Macrame Cushion- $41.99
Adair Home Republic Tranquil Quit Cover $79.99

There are so many different types of cushions you can buy! Try to mix your bed up with a variety! I personally love Euro cushions paired with standard and lumbar cushions to give the bed some height!

Wall Art

A blank wall has endless possibilities! Adding a framed piece of artwork, photography or even cluster of framed photos will add a much more personal touch to your room! Keep in mind that you want your room to balance so if that wall is busy with shelving make sure the art is placed to make it even out. If you decide to do a cluster of framed photos/art a good tip is too arrange the layout on the floor so you can see what sized frames look best in a certain order! You can also cut out pieces of paper that is the same size as the frames and blu-tak where you plan to place it and see if you like the placement and sizes in that area! Kmart has tonnes of cheap frames for artwork and photos!

Yorklee Prints- Lemonade Wall Art Print- $8
Yorklee Peachy Wall Art Print- $8

Another quirky way of displaying artwork is instead of hanging it on the wall place them along a wall mounted shelf! This way you can always change it up and add new pieces without leaving any marks in the wall!

Here is a gorgeous industrial style shelf from Kmart!

Kmart Industrial Wall Shelf- $19


Doing a cull of your wardrobe and getting some good storage solutions from Kmart can works wonders for creating more space. Having your clothes, shoes and accessories all organised does wonders for your mental well-being not to mention how much quicker it will be to find an outfit you want to wear instead of digging through piles of clothes you never wear! My rule is if i haven’t worn it in the last 6 months it goes to charity!

Design Tub with Lid- Kmart $7
6 Shelf Hanging Organiser Kmart- $9


Think of new organisation solutions for your bedroom! I’m a huge container fan! I love storing bits and pieces such as pens, jewellery, medication, makeup etc into containers. Here are some cool storage and organisation tips!

1.Make use of storage under the bed!

Why not use up dead space for storage! Store your winter/ summer clothes/ photo albums or extra shoes under there!

Kmart Underbed Storage- $7
  1. Style Up Some Bookshelves! Why not add that extra storage to your room with some nice shelves, storage boxes along with some decor!
  2. Use dead space! Add some hanging hooks to the back of your door for frequently used clothes (e.g. work clothes) and this will ensure no clothes get thrown on the floor!
Kmart 5 Over the Door Hooks – $9
  1. Storage Furniture! Why not add a storage ottoman to the end of your bed for a more luxurious look whilst giving yourself extra room for your items such as frequently used clothes, slippers, cushions etc
  2. Hang up your jewellery + hair accessories. Save your drawers space and organise your jewellery and hair elastics in a hanging organiser!
Target Household Essentials Ultra Jewellery Organiser- $14.99

6.Use Trays + small containers to Organise Your Drawers! I bought some awesome trays from Kmart to help create sections in my drawers! Instead of using them for the kitchen use them for things like, pens, hair elastics, medication, earrings that you keep in your drawers!

Kmart 8 piece Drawers Tidy Set- $7

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors can really add some extra depth to a room especially for smaller spaces. You can add a luxe touch with an oversized mirror or go for something on trend like a round mirror resting on a dresser or shelf! Here are some gorgeous mirrors out at the moment (I also share the link to my highly requested selfie mirror)!

Kmart Round Mirror- $19

For those asking which mirror I own that you see in my selfies it is the “Beauty Mirror’ seen below from Fantastic Furniture! (Click photo for link)

Fantastic Furniture Beauty Mirror- $134


Updating your rug or adding a rug into your space can really transform the overall style and feel of the room. By adding a rug you can add a lot of warmth into your bedroom. Make the rug the focal point of the entire space.

AURUGS Monaco Classic Rug- $139

Personal Touches

Add a few quirky pieces to your bedside tables or dressing table that reflect your personality and style! I am very much a minimalist but I love to add just a few pieces such as a book stack, crystals or even a decorative jewellery bowl to my bedside table.

Feature Wall

Why not add a touch of colour to a wall in your space! Remember the lighter to colour to bigger the space will appear the darer the colour the more intense and smaller it can appear. You can still pull off darker shades just make sure you paint the larger wall that shade and the smaller walls the lighter shade to help create a larger looking space! Ensure your feature wall is behind your bed to make it the focus of the room!

Personally I just love the lighter shades as it keeps the room open and appears larger. Image via Adairs


Don’t underestimate what a change of lighting can do! Since we’ve starting building our new house one of the most exciting aspects was surprisingly choosing the lighting! You could add some cute lamps or even drop down lights next to your bed or even a floor lamp and create a reading/ relaxing corner!

Below are some gorgeous lighting options I love!

Kmart Marmo Floor Lamp- $29
Beacon Lighting LEDlux Reece LED Dimmable Table Lamp in Copper- $129

I hope you enjoyed this home interiors blog! There will e plenty more interior and home storage/ organisation blogs coming your way once we have moved into our new home! Any blog requests are welcome! Make sure you tag me once you have revamped your bedroom!

P.s If you want to keep up to date with our new home follow my home dedicated instagram account here

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