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I love family traditions especially those that surround events like Christmas and Easter. Easter usually means a chocolate coma and very hyper kids running around. Here is my go-to list of fun and easy family activities to keep your kids happy and also give you more time to eat all the Easter eggs (I mean share of course). Some of these are beautiful family traditions you can start this year.

  1. Easter Pjs: I just love the tradition of gifting the kids new easter pjs each year. Theres something so cute about seeing you kids in bunny flannelette pjs on Easter.
  2. Leaving carrots and water out for the easter bunny the night before. Just like Santa needs his milk and cookies so does the easter bunny! We leave out a glass of water and a carrot (or carrot cake) for the easter bunny and the kids love seeing the aftermath the next morning!
  3. Easter Bunny footprints: the kids love seeing the mess the easter bunny left after he’s came!
  4. Easter egg hunt: this is a classic that is the kids highlight each year. If you’re worried about the kids having too much chocolate or the chocolate melting you can buy plastic Easter eggs from places like Kmart to use.
  5. Easter egg painting: use up any extra craft supplies you have floating around like glitter, pom poms and paint!
  6. Easter colouring in! Save the free colouring sheet below and print out for you and the kiddies to colour in😊
  7. Egg and spoon race: This one will have everyone laughing! The old egg and spoon race is a great one to play on easter!
  8. Family picnic: pack up some lunch and snacks and head out for a family picnic. Such a good tradition you can do each year.
  9. Bake easter cupcakes: Why not bake some cupcakes and decorate them with Easter eggs!
  10. Make/Decorate easter baskets. Make your own cute easter baskets to collect your eggs in!

What things you love doing on Easter?


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