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By now you probably have noticed I don’t tend to use the word “diet” on my blog. This is because “diet” is a bitch, she makes you overthink every meal and when you accidentally put that M&M in your mouth you feel like it’s the end of the world. Diet makes you act like a crazy person and go up and sniff a stranger’s slice of pizza.

Unfortunately, in our society we have subconsciously labelled “dieting” as something restrictive and hard. However, the actual definition of diet is “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats”; I don’t see anything in there about self-hate or restriction?

I use the term healthy lifestyle and healthy eating because it really is a way of life and there is balance. You can’t go through life living on chicken and broccoli.. and for what? Abs?

NO thankyou.


5 months postpartum and for the first time in my life I am ENJOYING healthy food and I have balance! This lifestyle bring results without restriction. 

I will take my balanced healthy eating and eventually see amazing results whilst living life! Once you start focusing on how you feel on the inside I guarantee this will start to show on the outside. If your dying for a cupcake; bloody have one! Then return to your healthy eating.

For years I had a terrible relationship with food, I would be ridiculously strict and then binge on banana bread and Nutella until I was physically sick.  I have finally realised you cannot sustain a lifestyle that is overtraining and eating the same things every day! It took me until after having Harper to realise you need to start eating in a way that is healthy AND realistic! It IS possible to create delicious healthy food and look amazing whilst enjoying yourself.

SO F#*K the diet off and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle for yourself for the long term.

Remember what is the point of looking shredded on the outside if you feel shit on the inside? Health starts inside!


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