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Sundays are usually known for a day of rest- which is true. But I love to utilise some of this day to get myself set up for the week ahead! I have found by doing these tasks every Sunday I feel less overwhelmed by the time Monday morning rolls around. You will be surprised how much smoother your whole week will go once you’ve got an effective Sunday routine in place! 

Meal Plan + Prep

Meal planning for the week ahead will not only save you time but also money! Plan what lunches, snacks and dinners you will be making and then base your grocery list off those ingredients. This will save you from buying food you don’t need.

Now to meal prep! This doesn’t just mean prepping meals- I mean anything that can be pre-chopped like snacks, ingredients for dinners etc. For example I always have healthy pizzas for either lunches or a dinner during the week so I will chop up capsicum, bacon, onion…anything that you can and the place in airtight containers. If you are worried about keeping them fresh grab yourself some Greensaver containers;  I use the OXO brand but Sistema have them even cheaper! 

Snacks you can prep:

  • Sandwiches/ wraps (I make 2-3 days worth)
  • Veggie Sticks
  • Fruit Salad
  • Boiled Eggs (for 2 days)
  • Homemade Museli Bars (click here for my recipe)

Dinners you can prep:

  • Curries
  • Lasagna 
  • Pasta 
  • Pizza (simply throw on ingredients, wrap in cling wrap and freeze or cook next day)
  • Pulled Pork (amazing use for lunches, tacos, burgers and salads!)

Write all the lists!

To-Do lists save my life! By writing down all the stuff you need to get down that week will instantly free up your mind and help you stop feeling overwhelmed trying to remember it all! Each day I write my top 3-4 most important tasks and then the rest can work around that. I use my very own Steph Pase Planner To-Do List of course! I love how my list is broken up into sections and even has a water tracker on it!

Finish 1 task you didn’t complete from that week

Finish one task you didn’t get to complete from that week. It could be as simple as putting yesterdays load of washing away or running that errand. By doing this you will feel much more accomplished and ready for a new week!

Follow a cleaning schedule!

Cleaning schedules are actual life savers! I follow my own schedule where I do one section/zone per day. This allows me to spend the weekend with my family instead of rushing all the cleaning into 2 days. You can find my schedule here (there is also a blank editable one for you too). Somedays I combine days into one if I am super busy with work. I also stops you from worrying about areas of the home you may have missed. 


Lastly of course make some time to relax! Unwinding before another week is important even if that means watching an evening movie with the kids or a facemask! I have a “Self-Care Challenge” you can complete which is small achievable self care tasks to complete each day! Super easy and will help fill that cup back up!

Utilising your Sunday routine will make such a change to your entire week! Let me know how you guys go with your Sunday routines! Happy #stephing!

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