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Welcome to the Nursery of Harper Rose! This is by far my favourite room in the house. I put in a lot of thought and effort into our baby girls room. This was basically my project for my entire pregnancy, finding amazing pieces for her room!

All photos by Alana Taylor Photography


Now I’m no interior decorator but I am pretty pleased with how her little space turned out. The room is only small so I had to keep that in mind and not go crazy. I would of loved to of had a little teepee and tons of cushions for her to play on but this is what was best for the small space I had. The colour scheme I wanted was pink, grey and gold.


For the feature wall I went with a soft grey as I knew a lot of her stuff was going to be pink, and I didn’t want it to be your standard overloaded pink girls room. This way when she gets older and changes colour schemes it won’t clash and grey is a great neutral colour.

Pink Dolly and Unicorn (Butterfly Belle), Rocking Horse (Unknown), Floral H (Le Chic Decor), Rabbit (Unknown), Unicorn jewellery holder (Reject Shop)


Picking out decor for the room was probably the funnest part of the whole thing! Everything I purchased was mostly handmade which made everything look more unique and special. I utilised Etsy and researched a lot on Instagram. Using shelves and cabinets/ tables is really where your going to be able to show off these special pieces. We bought 2 floating shelves from Bunnings which gave it a more minimalist look.

Name blocks: I was lucky that her name worked out to create a perfect pyramid. Pieces like this give the decor some dimension and height (Blocks from instagram @miss_winnie_k)

When decorating your shelves and tables in the nursery try to use different textures and heights e.g. wooden toys next to fluffy animals, large blocks next to small pieces. This will give the shelf a nice balance and draw the eye.


Swan by Pretty in Pine, Soft toy (unknown), Sophie the Giraffe, Patterned fabric basket by Bubbles Lane
Blocks by @miss_winnie_k, Pastel ring stacker (Milos Room), Fabric Basket (Bubbles Lane), Marble teething necklace (Alex Kidd Co), Rainbow (Pretty in Pine), Star cushion (Kmart)


Choosing the cot sheets, cushions and blankets was definitely one of my favourite parts! This really is one of the features of the room! Having different sizes and shapes of cushions makes the space look fun and comfy!

Cot sheets and quilt by Bubbles Lane
Harper cushion by Max & Me, Strawberry cushion from Kmart


Mobile from Felt Buttons

Wall Art

Wall art is a great way too jazz up the walls withouts using wall stickers that you might regret later on. Cluster art together to add a feature to the space or spread them out to fill up wall space. I bought all my wall art from and then bought cheap frames online to put them in. Try the make sure the wall art you choose stands out from the feature wall colour also so they don’t just blend in. You can also decorate the walls with other things like flags!

Wall art from Toucan, Flags from Etsy (will list store below)


Feeding Station

I really wanted a comfy feeding space in Harper’s room. I put a handy table next to the feeding chair so when feeding I can put my phone, magazines, bottle of water etc. Even though I am unfortunately not breastfeeding anymore this chair really helps feeding her to be a lot more comfortable. When buying a nursing chair make sure the back of the chair is high enough to rest your head comfortably and having the foot stools that open are always handy to put some magazines in there.

Love spending time with Harper in our feeding chair (also helps to rock her to sleep when she’s being stubborn)



Table (Kmart), Pink Wooden Box (The Reject Shop, Elephant (Unknown), Lisa T Rose Gold Clock (Target)

Change table cover from Bubbles Lane

Storage & Organisation

Due to the small space I really had to utilise storage! Now storage doesn’t have to look ugly! Cute woven boxes and wire baskets can really add to the look of the room. Use them to store extra toys, books, keepsakes etc

Woven boxes from Target, Wire basket from Kmart

For organising in drawers I bought some dividers and used it to keep tops, pants and onesies all seperate. I also bought small baskets for the drawers to keep her socks, bibs, headbands etc

Dividers (Howards Storage World), Small white baskets (Reject Shop)

Because babies clothing is so small and I also had a lot of blankets, baby shoes etc I bought wardrobe shelving that is fabric and just hangs off the wardrobe bar. This is super handy as you can display all your baby shoes and store your blankets, clothes that are too big or too small and even extra wipes etc. (Tip: Once bub has grown out of a few sizes, fold up and put into a vacuum storage bag, this will keep it compressed and will take up less room!)

Shelves from The Reject Shop

I hope you enjoyed seeing into our little nursery and got some ideas from it for your own nursery! Below is a list of the stores I got everything from. If you have any other questions shoot away!

Photography- @alanataylorphotography

Marble Teething Necklace- @alexkiddco

Bedding, Change Table cover and fabric baskets- @_bubbleslane

Wall Art-        @toucan_

Wall Flags- GmaCustom4You (Etsy)

Mobile-      @feltbuttons_

Harper Cushion- @maxandme.cushion

Pastel Ring Stacker- @milosroom

Pink Dolly and Unicorn- @butterfly.belle

Floral H Letter- @le_chic_decor

Name Blocks- @miss_winnie_k

Swan and rainbow-






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