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Organising and storing your makeup can be difficult; so many products and pieces usually end up being thrown all in one drawer or bag. Half the stuff you own ends up being empty, and just taking up space. So first thing is first; DECLUTTER all your makeup! Once you have discarded any products you don’t  need we can start organising! Now everyone will have different spaces for their makeup so here is how I organise my makeup desk, how I pack my makeup the travelling and also some storage ideas and tips for those who have limited space. 

I get all my makeup organisers and travel bags  from Etoile Collective .


Makeup Palettes can take up a lot of room, the best way I find to store my palettes is vertically, this saves space and allows you to see each one clearly. This is much better than throwing them all into drawers, because you won’t have to search through them all. For my blush, eyeshadow, bronzer and highlighter palettes I use the clear “8 Palette Holder”. If you don’t have much space for this holder Etoile have another option that will allow even more bench space, click here to see. 

Powders, Concealers + Small Compacts 

I store most of my powder compacts on the makeup table, which allows easy reach. You can also buy powder holders that can fit into your drawers, and smaller versions of this one if you have limited space. I like to keep my powders, concealers, small blushes and highlighters in the EC Slay Tray. The tray has versatile dividers so you can move them around to fit in different products. You can change this around to fit, lipglosses, palettes, mascara and pretty much anything! 

Super Versatile Storage

I love these small containers that have 3 sections (these are actually a brush holder!). I use mine for a range of things such as; foundation, lipgloss, mascara, lipliner…basically anything. These are great if you have limited space. Etoile also have storage for every makeup product you can think of! Click here for all their makeup storage!


Makeup brushes can get very messy, and leave makeup marks all over your basin and drawers. Storing them upright in a holder like this will not only prolong the life of your makeup brushes, but also much easier for you to find what you are looking for! Here I am using the “3 Brush Holder”. Another way you can store your brushes if a holder is not an option is using a travel brush bag, this will keep them together and also stop any mess. The Etoile Clear Circle Bag is perfect also for lipliners, mascara, lipliner etc.


Travelling with makeup can be tricky and usually messy. I struggle to keep things from breaking, especially on flights. Now when I travel I pack my makeup and even my skincare in the Travel Case. This one I have is the medium size and fits so much! The dividers are versatile as you can change them to fit different products. One feature that I love is the brush storage, asit stops your brushes making a mess! There is two pouches, one perfect for storing palette and the other you can store anything!  To check out the Etoile Collective makeup travel cases click here 

Makeup Mirror

Big fancy makeup mirrors can be pretty pricey, a few months ago I got the Etoile Dream LED Mirror. It runs on battery and the LED light creates perfect lighting for makeup application. I also love the fact you can take it anywhere. I actually use the little mirror a lot more than the large mirror because I can bring it right up close! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this makeup organisation blog! Please tag me if you utilise any of these products. 

How do you store your makeup?

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