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Journaling has been around for thousands of years, and to be honest I was very sceptical of the whole thing. However, I love to write and its always been an outlet for me, but I just didn’t know HOW to journal, and would it really help me as much as people claim? In short, yes!

Why Should I Journal?

I cannot begin to tell you all the benefits of journaling but for myself it has made me more creative, given me clarity and makes feel like I am living each day towards my goals.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of journaling:

  • Relieves Stress: let all those thoughts and ideas out of your mind aka a “brain dump”
  • Assists in setting and achieving goals: Journals are the place to write out your goals. Reading and writing these goals often will help you keep on track to achieving those goals and track your progress.
  • Boosts Productivity: Journalising makes you more self-aware and notice how you are spending your time during the day which will make you more productive
  • Will allow you to self-reflect: Have you ever got into the car to realise you’ve driven to your destination and didn’t even notice or realise? Life goes so fast that most of the time we are operating on “auto-pilot”. Journaling will help you stop and be present whilst reflecting on yourself and your day. 
  • Improves Memory: Just like a to-do eases your mind of trying to remember all the things you have to do that day, a journal works in a similar way. It reminds you of your purpose and clears up space in your mind for other important stuff!

To help get you started I have put together some journal prompts you can use daily to help you reflect and set intentions for each day!

Journal Prompts

I hope this guide has helped you figure out how to start on your journaling journey. Happy writing!

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