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storing oils and spicesOur oil and spices organisation is by far my favourite feature in our pantry. I just love having everything neat and uniform! I really dislike the eyesore of different bottles, so I decided to decant all my oils, vinegars and spices into some new personalised packaging!

oils and spices storage in pantry

Oils + Vinegars Storage

Oil & vinegar bottles can take up a lot of room in your pantry, (especially if you like to buy in bulk like me!). I ordered empty oil bottles from Pack My Product- and they were only $1.95 EACH!!! I was worried the 250ml would be too small, but I don’t have to refill them very often at all and they fit perfectly in the space! All products listed below.

oil and vinegar bottle
The 250ml oil bottles I use for $1.95 EACH!

So where do you keep the big bottles of leftover oil? You can keep them in another (less-used) cupboard as storage like I do, or even in your garage! This will give you more space in your actual pantry for items you actually need!

For the oil bottle labels, I got them from my go-to label company “Little Label Co”, they can create any label you need. So I got their oil labels and applied them to the bottles and VOLIA! (You can use the code STEPH10 for discounts on their labels).

labelled oil and vinegar bottles

I got some white shelves online to display the oil bottles in the pantry, so I can see them all. See all products used below.

Products Used:

Pack My Product Oil Bottles- click here
Little Label Co oil labels (use code STEPH10 for a discount on labels)- click here
White pantry shelves (for oils)- click here


All my spices are kept in the Little Label Co spice jars which are airtight bamboo glass canisters. I use the 75ml jars which perfectly fit the spices you buy from the shops (Woolworths, Coles).

I keep these on the Kmart chrome expandable shelves and use the Little Label Co wooden spoon to take the spices out.

labelled spice jars

Products Used:

Little Label Co Spice Jars 75ml- click here 
Little Label Co wooden spoon- click here
Kmart Chrome Expandable Shelves- click here

Hope this helped answered all of your questions. Please tag me if you revamp your spices and oils like this too!

Use the code STEPH10 for 10% off Little Label Co Labels! Click here for their website

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  1. Hi there, love your blog and obsessed with the spice jars!
    Im wondering if you know of any ways these can be shipped to Canada?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi, I have just order these bottles online. Now I am looking at the labels to order but just wondering, when I am on the little label co site the smallest bottle size they have for labels are 500ml. Are the labels going to be too large. Obviously they don’t look it in your picture but was just a little concerned.
    So excited to do this, just bought my first house so getting organised to set up my pantry.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hey hun! I would send an email to Nat at little Label co because she knows what works with these bottles well? aw thanks so much!!

  3. Just a questions regards the oil jars. Do they have a good seal? We move every 2 years and I would hate to have it leak everywhere.

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