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Tis the season to eat lollies… well for most of us! The average Aussie gains 0.8kg to 1.5kgs during the holidays! 

Life is of course all about balance and I am all for letting your hair down and enjoying yourself but here are a few simple tips to limit the damage! 

Many of us tend to have the mindset that once December rolls around that eating a few chocolates and cakes at work doesn’t count. But sorry to the bearer of bad news- it all adds up in the long run. Here are my tops tips to keeping a balanced lifestyle during the silly season. 

Have healthy snacks available

Prepping some healthy snacks for the holidays is perfect for the whole family. During December I will find myself reaching for a gingerbread man if there isn’t any healthy snacks around. Click here to check out some of my quick healthy recipes you can whip up. Some other easy snacks you could have are:

  • Greek yogurt + Fruit
  • Pretzels
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Air popped popcorn
  • Veggie Sticks and dip

Eat a decent meal before the Xmas Party

This will prevent you from making not the best choices at the party and there won’t be any stress about what you want to eat! 

Be a good guest and take some party food!

By party food I mean healthy food. Make a platter of fruit, raw treats or veggies and hommus! Not to mention you’ll look like an awesome guest! (Check out my healthy snack recipes here).

Fill up on protein and salads

Protein keeps you fuller for longer and also is vital for muscle recovery and will stop you eating too much dessert after. Once you know you have had some decent food then of course you should enjoy some pavlova after!

Move your body 

Try to stick to your usual exercise regime as much as possible! Exercise also helps to aid digestion (which is great if you ate any treats or heavy meals the day before). Even if you can only fit in a 20-minute walk it all adds up!

Drink up…on H20 that is!

Keep yourself hydrated to avoid over-eating and reduce the risk of the dreaded hangover!

Don’t sweat it!

Most importantly if you do overindulge don’t beat yourself up over it. Get back on track and move on!  Besides it’s not what you eat between Christmas and New Years that matters most but rather what you eat between New Years and Christmas!

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