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So unless you’ve been living under a rock im sure you’ve heard of Koh (formally known as EkoWorx). It is a multi purpose cleaning product that is non-toxic, fragrance-free, perfect for kids and asthma sufferers. This one product literally does it all! Of course like many I was quite skeptical that this solution could really clean everything, especially surfaces like glass and stainless steel. I put it to the test and here are my honest thoughts.

What I Got

Firstly lets go through what products I received from Koh;

  • Spray Mop Pro
  • 4L of the Universal Cleaner
  • Atomiser Spray Bottle
  • Microfibre General Purpose Cloths ( green)
  • Microfibre Glass Cloths (white)
  • Microfibre Bathroom Cloth (blue)
  • Diamond Sponges x 3
  • Grout Brush (this actually excited me- sad what my life has come to! Haha
Koh Grout Brush

With this product you use it with dry cloths so no water is needed, just pure Koh in a bottle! I was worried about how far the solution would go seeing as the cloths were used dry. But BOY does it go far! You really don’t need much for the solution to lift grime.

It works a treat on surfaces especially my caesarstone bench top. I really like that the cloths you receive are reusable, and simply throw them in the washing machine. Since using this I’ve massively cut down on cleaning wipes, which is what I used daily (another plus for the environment). One big postive for me is that it is fragrance-free, as an asthma sufferer this is very important. Not to mention I also worry about what the kids are inhaling so this really puts my mind (and lungs) at ease.

This product is AMAZING on appliances, glass and stainless steel! It doesnt leave any streaks or residue! It’s great being able to literally walk around the house with a couple of wipes and clean anything in sight!

Bathrooms, the hardest place in the house to clean; soap scum, dirty grout that is usually impossible to scrub. Koh just lifts off scum and for those harder areas you just pair it with the amazing diamond sponge. The grout brush and solution is so quick and easy, I was actually amazed at how good good my bathroom came up!


Now the spray mop! It came with a couple of different  reusable mop pads; the general purpose pads and the ultra fibre mop pads. Again a little solution goes a long way. I have engineered timber floorboards that are very light and matte, so they do show up dirt easily. I now use the spray mop daily and haven’t had to refill the mop yet!

I guess you can say I’m converted! Use the code STEPHKOH to receive FREE shipping on the bundles!

Click here to check out the Koh website to order your cleaning bundles!




*This blog was sponsored by Koh but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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